Threats To Our Survival – What Do You Think?

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Today I’d like to try something a little different on the blog and open up a topic for some discussion.

This one could cause some ‘energetic’ conversation but I’d love to do an informal poll on it anyway.

What do you think is the greatest threat to our survival – and why?

This can be anything from economic collapse, another civil war, and overpopulation to a plane falling from the sky, so long as you perceive it is a threat – I’d love to hear your opinion and some of the reasoning for your choice.

There’s no right or wrong ultimately (although I know some readers hold strong opinions) – but hopefully, in the discussion and reasons for your answer, we’ll have some good learning.


  1. Economic collapse along with food shortages.
    People are still going farther in debt. They live paycheck to paycheck. I read 52% of the US population are getting assistance. They might be working but many jobs are still part time with no benefits, medical insurance. This is all building and waiting to fail.
    Food costs are going up , less produce ,grain and livestock grown or raised. Large crop failures due to weather. Even small scale gardening has been failing the last couple years.
    People without money and food. That is the worst thing that can happen.
    What would you do to feed your family?
    I know what I would do if I was not prepared.

  2. My biggest worries center around the “Haves” and “Have Nots”. I live in a community with a high number of minorities. The police are constantly patrolling and arresting folks for all types of crimes. Most of them are uneducated and living on free handouts to support themselves. When the government purse doesn’t give them enough, they steal or rob others. We’re armed to the teeth and have security in place. But, we have to go out sometime. I fear the racial turmoil that is just a spark away from igniting another mass civil war.

  3. I believe the biggest threat to our survival is IGNORANCE. I apply this to what a man needs to know on how to survive and protect his family and to take preparatory action with the woman following suit. As parents they should train their children in many of the basics that can be applied to different situations. We need to be aware of the political environment and what recourse one should take if necessary. Learning to put a plan in place and train together following that plan to get any of the kinks out. Seek out like minded people that can work together because a family cannot survive on their own. Not to go on any longer but you get my drift.

  4. We have been an aware family for years. We pay attention to the political/economical scene and try to understand how it will affect us. We stockpile some long and short term needs, ETC. We are now well past senior citizens and never really planned to bug out. Come what may, we will defend what we have, where we have it. What’s in the future? Wish we could know. Feels like a fracture of this country is well on the way. The commie/socialist are more numerous and influential with each day….cast this stone at the feet of our “education/indoctrination system. Our grandchildren can’t read or spell, know nothing of history of the US or the world. But they all know it’s ok to murder babies and to decide that a penis does not make him/her a man/male. God will soon call to record those of us who are responsible for the demise of this country. I’m glad I’m so old I don’t expect to witness His reckoning. II Chronicles 7:14

  5. My thoughts are this … it’s the people who are unknownly ignorant of what is truly going on ,those who don’t or won’t do research on the news they listen to a news source they believe totally . Even with proof that shows otherwise . I will include education. Those are the people you see out protesting and trolls who try to get others to act stupid , apathic people ,go along to get along and I don’t want to get involved . Oh and I have my ammo and AK whatever bring it on .
    It’s not political but spiritual and I see it getting worse, talk of things going bad due to the Gov. of Virginia pushing his gun control .
    We can prep all we want but I am sure that if we don’t have our supplies in a back up hidden location we have the chance of them being taken by an EO I seen some time back or the gangs .
    And just a last comment …we are not a Democracy!!! To many are saying that ,we are a Representative Republic ,read the pledge of allegiance.

  6. Economic Collapse and hyperinflation caused by too much debt–both government and individual. This is the most imminent threat. It could begin next year. If the government can control a continuous low level of inflation of 3 to 5%, we may be able to muddle out of the crisis over time. But hyperinflation could develop if the people begin to panic.
    Other threats are more hypothetical but could become major problems.

  7. Slow-motion collapse: Living way down south from the USA, my biggest fear everyday revolves around crime, lawlessness and a failed state that is not able to protect its citizens or preventing this country defending into a country WROL.

  8. Slow-motion collapse: Living way down south from the USA, my biggest fear everyday revolves around crime, lawlessness and a failed state that is not able to protect its citizens or preventing this country decending into a country WROL.

  9. Apathy
    I believe the ignorance we are witnessing is due in large part to the lack of motivation or farsightedness of the people. We are all at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid, struggling just to survive with just a few rising above the bottom level with those few being the only ones able to see past their own day to day survival. Fear keeps the people’s noses to the grindstone and focused on avoiding their perceived destruction.

  10. There are several issues staring us in the face. Some we have no control over. Right now, I am very concerned over failed crop production with prices climbing beyond the level many or most cannot afford to pay and keep a roof overhead. The people will not go down quietly.

  11. I fear the division of our country through political parties. Anger seems to be the order of the day. Dialogue has all but disappeared. If we don’t come together as a nation we will certainly end up with a civil war. If you disagree with someone you are bigoted or racist. Fear and hatred are spreading and it can only end one way, I fear. Jesus said “love your neighbor “, but he also said to hate the sin and we have come so far from the Bible that we hate our neighbor and love sin.

  12. We are being hit with chaos from the political realm, to financial, that you
    are a racist for having your own values. The perversion in our schools to the
    libraries of our children ( the brainwashing that you are different from what
    your born as). Other countries with high rape and murder without guns ( oh my).
    This is a world wide epidemic and orchestrated collapse. Many know the end
    result, others are oblivious. Get right or you’ll be left. All the best.

  13. All of the above scenarios,because we have become complacent to the socialist PC crowds.Many I’m afraid will stand around after an event wondering how it happened with no idea how to take care of themselves.

    1. There is really no we as I havebeen part of the GOP in my voting district and tried hard to make a difference. I never wanted what is seen now but to many just won’t hear or listen. The problem is on both sides .not everyone wants what is being done now .

  14. Increasing civil unrest could lead to lots of things that could tip the scale toward SHTF….food shortages from interrupted delivery of product; martial law from excessive violence; economic collapse; civil war….all kinds of fun stuff are possible in the years ahead. It isn’t looking too peachy, folks.

  15. I feel like all of the comments above are what I have been thinking so I agree with every comment and praying alot.

  16. And now the Dems have gotten their way , our President has been impeached on lies . So now we shall see what becomes of this after the Mitch MaConnely group votes .

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