What Did You Do To Prep This Week? [July, 12, 2019]


Well, folks, it’s that time again! Last weeks segment did well with over 150 comments posted. Let’s see if we can pass 200 comments this week.

But before we get started, let’s talk about the changes here, what you can expect and why. I think you’ll love the change and get more out of it.

Five days a week (Monday through Friday) I will get up at 6:00 o’clock, drink a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, pour another cup of coffee and then head to my home office where I will scour the internet for the most 10 recent and vital news and happening from around the world and post those in a ten-point list with my thoughts and options.

This will be a HUGE time-saver for you because I’ll be the one spending several hours each morning putting this all together for you in a form that is easily skimmed over and digestible in the short amount of time.

You will be educated and entertain – I will cut through the clutter and noise of the internet and deliver to you what you need to know each day, including links to the original stories where you can go to read more if you’re interested in doing so.

No bots. No computer algorithms. Just me, each day’s import news, and you. You will be informed, you will be entertained, you will laugh, you might cry, or you might get pissed off by what you learn, but one thing is sure – you won’t want to miss it!

And in this same column (Monday through Friday) I will be posting a daily photo, this will not be a stock image but a photo that I’ve taken for you and publish for your entertainment and enjoyment. 

And that’s not all! Nope, I’m not done yet, there will also be a scripture of the day and maybe even a quote of the day…  

And every Saturday (yes, I’m posting early this week) there will be a new segment of “What Did You Do to Prep This Week”… This is all going to be a great change for the better.

Thank You!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to thank you and give a huge shoutout to Susan H and Barbara H for their generous contributions this week. It’s good folks like you that keep this site going! Thank you! 

If YOU would like to send a monetary contribution then you can easily do that by clicking on this link – this one right here – click it.  Be sure to leave a note in the PayPal form to let me know if you want me to include a shoutout to you here in next weeks segment. 

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Okay, let’s get on with this weeks “what did you do to prep this week” after all this is why you’re here reading this right…

First of all, the property that I told you all about last week that I had thought about trying to buy didn’t work out so as of right now I will be staying where I am. Where I am now is a great place; however, I wanted more land to homestead. And I’ll probably move to a larger parcel in the future, but not right now. Maybe next spring. 

When I put my current place up for sale, I will post it here like I did with my other p, and then you all can come look at it if you’re interested in moving to Tennessee. 

As for preps this week – I read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History” it’s great. If you are interested in real history and not the crap that you were taught in school, then you need to read this book!

American historyClick Here To Read The Reviews at Amazon.com

I’ve been a fan of the show “The Dukes of Hazard” since I was a teenager and I always loved and wanted one of the Buck Knives like the ones that Bo and Luke Duke carried on the show.

So I bought the one below at a local fleamarket… what do you think?

Buck KnifeClick Here to Check Price and Availability at Amazon.com

Harvested a five-gallon bucket full of squash. And as you can see, more are growing rather quickly.


I also bought a few boxes (5 to be exact) of .22 CCI ammo and ordered “One Month Basic Food Kit” from Valley Food Storage, but I’ve not received it yet.  I’ve never ordered from them before – if you have then, please post a comment below about your experience. Thanks.

Click This Button to Checkout Valley Food Storage

Well, folks, that’s it for me this week. What about you? What did you do to prep this week?

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  1. I’m not sure making zucchini candy is prepping since the kids ate it all as soon as it came out of the dehydrator. I did can 27 quarts of peach pie filling and the kids and I worked in the garden pulling weeds. We picked some squash and tomatoes but not enough to can. That’s about it for me.

  2. Indy grandma

    I am learning to play the ukelele since there will be a need of music and song if shtf

  3. Love the folder!! I’m learning how to can pickles. First batch did not go well very soft. Trying to put up as many vegetables as I can for the winter.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      That’s important… second time will be better.

    • Bockwinkel


      Did you try adding calcium chloride to the brine? That and tempering and cooling the jars after processing. You would have to temper them first by putting them in a kettle with about 120 degree water to bring it down gradually enough so that you don’t get thermal breakage.

      Good luck on your next batch, happy pickling!

    • mom of three

      If your water bathing your pickles, most can recipe’s, say 20 to 25 minutes, your cooking the cukes to death and they become soft, I put them in for 5 minutes and they seal everytime and because your using salt and vinegar they will be fine. My mom, never waterbathed her pickles, and they came out wonderful every time, but I like to do the 5 minutes bath for myself. But of course do some research for yourself.

  4. Enjoy your information. After preparing for many years, it;s nice to see new infi.

  5. secondrecon

    Well busy week been packing and repacking my workshop and reloading room to move to a new building. that we just finished building, just for that purpose. it is our new hurricane bug in location. It is self supporting with solar and water. It is a great feeling to have this finished, just before the real starting of the season here. Hardest part of this was the OPSEC of the project from noisy folks around these parts. They couldn’t figure why it is so over built.it is a 35 by 70 steel building with rooms built in side with still enough space for our RV in side. Everyone keep a tight 360 cause stuff is going to go sideways soon I think.

  6. Can’t wait to see the new content!

    This week I started planning for potential job loss with large layoffs coming where I work in a couple of months. I’m looking at this from three angles.

    1. Working to update my current skills and prepare for a new job search if I am affected.
    2. Considering the possibility of not returning to my current field and finding something completely new.
    3. Planning from the perspective of “If I were let go unexpectedly today, what would I do?”

    I’m blessed that my wife is working and carries our health insurance so that won’t be an immediate problem. In the past they’ve offered some very nice severance packages so that could buy some time too.

  7. Prepared Grammy

    -It’s been a very slow week for me. We had friends from Louisiana who stayed with us for a few days. They left early because of the storm.
    -I like seeing photos of your place.
    -I have a lot of zucchini and yellow squash, more than we can eat. What do you do with the extras?

    Prayers for everyone in the path of Barry.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Prepared Grammy, you are lucky to have all that zucchini and squash. I don’t have very good luck with them. I have been reading “The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook” by Tammy Gangloff on my Kindle Unlimited account. She tells all about dehydrating zucchini and using it. It has enough new info that I might buy the actual book.

      • Prepared Grammy

        I guess it’s time to bring the dehydrator out and load it with squash.

        • Almost There

          Yep…. Got some yellow squash to dehydrate. My few extra sliced cucumbers from my pickle making marathon will be pureed and frozen in ice cubes to be used in cucumber flavored water.

  8. Did you do the news for today? My Grandfather used to say (and this was in the 70’s and I was just a little kid) ALWAYS read two news papers. Now that I am much older I understand why. A lot of the reason is in the first chapter of one of your books. All news reporting is biased, they put out what they want and how they want and it’s not necessarily anything to do with the reporter. Good luck sorting it all out. I am positive that you keep that in mind, so it will be good to have you sifting through it. Thank you.

    Congratulations on all your responses!

  9. Always Forward

    Canned taco soup at the county cannery, and will be doing chicken chili soup on Monday. I noticed canning jars are flying off the shelves this summer. I’ll start making jam this weekend, peach and blueberry. They are great gifts for creating goodwill and for returning kindnesses. I sent the solar generator off for some updates.
    We got a new roof due to hail damage and only had to pay the deductible so we will get a little tree work done.
    Next project is to photograph the contents of the house. Our neighbors had a fire and had a terrible time reconstructing their belongings.
    Missed y’all so glad to be back.

  10. Buck 110- classic…..
    This week was some range time and the new Blackhawk T Series holster ( very nice). Finished the inventory and also purchased a military style compass and 10 small pocket compasses. Also got a new cribbage board for the downtime.
    I like the changes, more in line with the busy lifestyles we all have.
    Keep the faith brother.

  11. Tropical storm, potentially Hurricane Barry is heading my way (I live 25 miles from New Orleans).

    That’s a good incentive to stock up. So I’ve stocked up on more can goods, other quickly prepared nonperishable foods, candles, butane lighters, batteries, paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, etc.

    Fueled the truck, checked the oil level and tire pressures, and re-inventoried the two totes I keep in the truck to store tarps, tools, Goop hand cleaner, flat repaire kit, wheel chocks (when changing flats), and puppy pads (kneel on these when changing flat tires…keeps your pants clean), etc.

    Spoke to the neighbors, offered to help them fill sand bags. Their house flooded when the previous owners lived there. They’re from Michigan so I try to look out for them. I’m old enough to be their parents and they have 3 teen agers to help so they politely declined my offer.

    And finally, I called our daughter to be sure we could head her way in the event we need to leave.

    P.S. Suggestion: store your can goods and other non-perishable foods and bug out supplies in easy to manage covered totes so that you can quickly and easily grab them and stack them in your vehicle.

  12. I have missed your posts for a while. Saw yesterday’s and today’s! So glad I can see them again. Always good info! Thanks for all your hard work.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      I’ve been posting – just had not been posting the what did you do to prep this week segment.

  13. Cleaning week. We have nothing special planned this month, so our focus is on our storage – sorting, repackaging/repacking, labeling, and inventory. Both the basement and the garage. Plus, then we will be able to take the excess out of the living room and maybe have guests over.

    Back to school supplies are being set up (at Wal-Mart). Time to work on my list!

    Received: G43X TFO sights; book (Blind Man’s Bluff); .410 ammo; tool box for Glock work; Kydex holster for G19; mags for G43X/48;

  14. Heard of some new people this week that seem to be on the same wave length as me, and they live just down the road from me, too. Think I’ll take a couple dozen eggs and go introduce myself. Also, this week I didn’t buy anything, but I did take care of myself and went to the dentist. Still going through closets and getting everyone new clothes for summer and winter.

  15. M.D., I am glad to see this segment again. It always kept me focused.
    My garden is in the in-between stage down here on the coast. Cucs, squash and green beans long gone. Tomatoes hanging in there. I have three beds of long beans up and growing. The okra and Seminole pumpkins and peppers are starting to produce now. My sub-tropical edibles are growing well.
    This week I ordered a 50 lb bag of wheat berries from Honeyville as they had sent me a 15% off offer. I will vacuum pack them when they arrive. From Amazon, I ordered some wire shelving for can storage and a 6-pack of Hodgson Mills Insta-Bake. I could no longer find it in the stores and after going to their website, discovered the company had been sold. I will find room to store it in the freezer when it arrives. I store all my milled whole grains in the freezer so they will last longer.
    I also ordered some Chaya cuttings on E-bay.
    Since there was a tropical storm forming in the gulf, I filled the car with gas, bought milk and WW buns and mowed the grass before it started raining. I am ready but New Orleans is going to bare the brunt of it, I think.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      That’s a good thing – if you have any suggestions on how to make it even better let me know. Thanks…

  16. Prepared Grammy

    Comments are disappearing. Weird.

    • M.D. Creekmore

      Prepared Grammy,

      What do you mean exactly?

      • 1. The middle comment section is still narrow. CSS width issue.

        – The right side of your comment box we don’t see.

        2. If someone were to comment to you, I wonder if it would show up on the page? This is why I am commenting to you.

      • Prepared Grammy

        I’m able to read comments. When I come back, they’re gone. Then they reappear. Then disappear again.

  17. MD, I need your help. I do not have contact information. #1: I get an error message signing up up for newsletter for daily news. Love the idea! I am a news addict. LOL

    #2: I use amazon all the time. Cannot fine your affiliate link. Please include in e-mail.

    #3: also include to link to contribute. Even with social security, I am in a position now to help keep your site going.

    The blogging circle I follow involves a lot amount of prepping and grow your own garden and orchards. They include building greenhouses. Multiple small ones instead of a single large one. (I intend to start my tomatoes in a hoop house in the spring then open to ventilate fully after the spring rains end. So much plant damage due to constant rains.) These bloggers expect drastically higher food prices and shortages due to flooding and hail storms world wide. They use data collected around the world pertaining to weather/climate and crop production. Prices are already increasing. Shortages are beginning. My favorite produce manager was assaulted by a customer over the price of celery! The loss of grains world wide will begin hitting us early fall. Millions this years calves and last years calves drown in the flood along with adult cows. Same for pigs, chickens, goats, and sheep. For me, prepping is daily with a sense of urgency!

    • M.D. Creekmore

      I’m not allowed to put it in an email – that’s against Amazon policy but I can add it here in this comment. If it’s not to much trouble please bookmark it – here it is https://amzn.to/2YL6lCJ

      I will see if I can add you email…

  18. We went shopping for a 4″ diameter, 10 foot length pvc pipe to make a well water bucket. We went to 3 different places, including a plumbing shop. Not one store had a length of that diameter. We need a well water bucket.

    I am always drying food–anything that can be dried, I dry it, put it in a vacuum sealer and store it.

    My tomato plants are doing great. Even with the cold and windy weather we are having. Have some Ukrainian tomato’s this year. Going to cross them with a tougher, bigger, type of tomato and save the seeds for next year. But we can’t wait to eat them.

  19. Hide and Watch

    Catching up with dr. appts. It is best to be in as good shape as you can be for when there might not be a doctor around. Eyes got checked, new lenses on order, dental work done.

    Dried herbs.

    Got a new battery for the car and a service.

  20. 1. Keep the “what did you prep this week”. I agree with Labgirl.
    2. Have a segment explaining why the news means we should prep. Most people who poo-poo prepping have no clue why its a good thing. Explain to the non-preppers why people were in dire straights waiting for FEMA and food from the government. If you can get proof of this, the better. Some people are arrogantly ignorant and refuse to believe the truth. OTOH, more for us if they don’t want to believe you.

    3. Ignore the naysayers regardless.

    4. Other article ideas? If you were to take a photo and add a brilliant saying to it with a link to here…some saying that people might want to share maybe it will bring in more customers. Bible verse of the day should be in KJV so that you can’t be sued.

    How do you prep water in glass jars? Do you treat them like you are canning? Thanks in advance to whomever answers this!

    What did I prep? I found out that I have a histamine intolerance requiring me to not have anything that isn’t “fresh”. Anything in a can or processed, preserved, etc. are all off my plate.

    Do I trust Trump and the possibility of no war here? Do I trust Putin? No I don’t! I believe in prepping for that reason alone! Thus, I prep rice and the beans I’m not supposed to eat. I also prep my thyroid medicine to a point where by I am attempting to get a 30 day supply saved up in rotation.

    I have a good supply of canned good for FIFO. I’m not concerned about food. What I need to prep though is water. I have a water filter system but that requires electricity.

    I am saving up slowly for a solar power generator. That will take me a good couple of years to save up for! Lastly, I do have what it takes to start a fire using concrete blocks, etc. This is why I am focusing on water.

    • Almost There


      Unless you need sterile water, which is good to have a few jars on hand for wounds, I wouldn’t worry about canning water in glass jars. I take cleaned out juice bottles and those 5 gallon water bottles you can buy to Walmart and fill them with the reverse osmosis water that’s at the back of the store. For an inside water filter, Berkey is the best. I’ve found them on ebay and Facebook Marketplace before.

  21. Picked up 2 17-round Glock mags for my PC9 and a box of 30-carbine rounds for my Marlin lever action. Ammo is hard to find in this caliber.

  22. Almost There

    Hey everyone,

    Prayers for those in the path of Barry. We may get some remnants here in middle TN, but looks like it’s gonna go straight up the Mississippi River… We can use a little rain and it may be everyday for the next week. Not any storms though.

    Picked a few cukes, tomatoes and green beans from the garden. Got lots of cuke blooms out there… So blessed there are bees to pollinate.

    GW – Found a cheese crock, vinegar dispensing type jars, some “freeze” stuff to get bubble gum and candle wax out of carpet, some T-post caps and other electric fence stuff, SS tray and bowls, a big box drawing chalk for kids.

    Made 27 quarts of refrigerator pickles. Still working on the sweet pickles.

    Read and watched some prep stuff.

    Prayers for unspoken requests, The President, and for America.

    Stay safe gang.

    • Just wanted you to know I got my blossom end rot taken care of!
      I mixed up some pellitized lime. That plus all this rain we are getting here in MS, I’ve got tomatoes coming out of my ears.

  23. Old Country Boy

    Visited DW family in NC last week and treated for a bad case of Lymes. On committee for a Community event this weekend. Running a cancer event next weekend. Going to visit family in PA and WV the following week. Hopefully garden will be producing on return to start canning.

  24. We live in wild mustang grape country. I canned 11 half pints of grape jelly. Very tasty.

    Work continues on our greenhouse and cold frames at the farm.

    We will move to the farm next spring.

  25. I am so happy with this format! I have really missed reading through other’s comments because I always got such useful ideas from the experts out there :).

    This week, I went through my cans and boxes for expiration dates, and once again had to learn the lesson to buy/store only food we routinely eat. At least I could donate everything to the local food bank, so nothing went to waste. This time we will replace with ONLY things on the stock list!

    I also rotated the water, power bars, and survival snacks in both cars. First aid kits were restocked for hot weather (added in more instant cold packs). We are ready for summer here in WV.

    Thanks all! Have a great week!

    • Hi all, I put a venom site on my canik 9mm my wife got me for fathers day. Did some work on the war wagon(Nissan terra) x worked and tended the garden. Md glad this site is back. I enjoy the others also.

  26. Harold Kirkpatrick

    WOW Barry is moving more west. Looks like it may skim the cost closer to Texas. I’m 75 and have seen this before. It may make it to Houston. We are prepared. I bought gas for generator. Have plenty of food and water. We stay at the ready.
    We look forward to your site!
    Man on foot

  27. love the new format!

    just bought new (smaller) tubs that we can lift. And inventoried supplies. now to enter into spreadsheet & buy gaps in supplies.

    take care- all in Barry’s path!

  28. AZ Reality Prepper

    Finally over my summer cold. Today, will add to the pantry to replace our used items and rotate through the stock. Working on our fruit trees, not doing well this summer, too hot here in AZ. Roses (they make a great barrier fence) having a rough time too. Prayers to those who need them.

  29. Ref: Preps 2019 Jul 07 – 13

    1. Reviewed Lighting:
    1.1. EDC: Fenix E99Ti, with Mini Mag Lite pocket clip. 1 AAA cell. Carried on T-Shirt 24-7. 3 levels of brightness. Used on Low power mostly. Duration on Low power is about 30 hours or three 10 hour average nites. Now unavailable. Glad I bought extras,
    1.2. General Use: Fenix E12. 1 AA cell. Carried on key ring and in EDC pocket pouch.
    1.3 Energizer® Weatheready® Emergency Folding Lantern. 4 D cells. Hi power 50 Hrs, Lo power 300 Hrs, Nite Lite Yellow 500 Hrs. First model was fluorescent. before LEDs.

    Significant Other has same set. We’ve of the lights found no reason to change any of the lights.

    Now assembling 2 ETOW HL1-FR HumanaLight PCB kits. 1 “dead” AAA cell using the Joule Thief circuit. The Hardened Power Systems HL CASE is optional. Duration depends on how “dead” the AAA cell is. An AAA to AA cell adapter works with bare PCB. The HumanaLight is brighter

    Good reason to save “dead” AA and AAA cells.

    Ordered a Gas ONE GS-3900P Dual Fuel 15000BTU Propane or Butane Stove. With the correct amount of unglazed terracotta bolted together flower pots on it upside down, it will provide almost as much eat as a a Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable Heater on Hi power, 19000 BTU.

  30. MD, you made a great purchase with the Buck 110, I have had one that I carry everyday that I bought in 1979 and it has never let me down and I still have and use the original carrying case. It stays sharp and takes an edge easily. Enjoy this knife.

  31. This week saw me replacing the tomato production of a couple of destroyed plants with store bought I know, I know, but the price was right and there is no time to replant. While getting them ready to dehydrate I realized I would have a few hours of free time waiting. Well, brainstorm hit and I dug out all my car camping/ glamping gear and cleaned, inside and out, reconditioned the old 2 burner Coleman stove, the lanterns, the new dual fuel stove and lanterns… Wow with a lot of attention to detail, now though Everything is like new. Thank heaven for you tube or I might have been much longer getting it all right.
    On the same topic today I went to the fuel depot and got 25 gallons of racing fuel for them ( no additives added just higher 113 octane).

  32. Mywife and I will be canning pickles this week and I got a deal on 7 camping MREs (Mountain House) from an outdoor store that was closing its doors.

  33. Matt in Oklahoma

    I look forward to reading y’alls progress because I know I ain’t alone and many times I get ideas or find holes in my game.

    Soap, 3 more tinned candles and more chemlights from the dollar tree.
    Soap cloth which is supposed to have a 10yr shelf life.
    BDU Pocket sized lightweight compressed stretcher.
    5 Chest decompression needles.
    420 rounds green tip 5.56.
    Streamlight Protac 1 WML for my 7.5 AR.
    2ea 36 pack of AAs for storage

    I put together tyvex suits, rubber kitchen gloves, 10ft duct tape and medical facemask in a large Tupperware container marked with sharpie in the sizes needed for everyone on the team. If there is contamination or they are handling a body I’d prefer they use their own pro mask or respirator but this gives them an option on masks.

    I’ve planned upcoming training at the end of the month and put together the resources and instructors I’m going to host for the team and a few select invites. In it we will test the above mentioned stretcher not only as a stretcher but a tarp and hammock. We will test the soap cloth too. We will also be covering the placement of chest decompression needles, flex cuffs and doing tyvex suit fittings and wear.

    I inherited from my recently passed father in law a model 39a lever 22, a 1924 lafever double 12ga and an over/under 410/22. We went over them for any issues, shot them and then cleaned and stored them for future use. They are very nice editions to our arsenal that will be passed down. Watching my son shoot his grandfathers guns and the double that was his great grandfathers that his mom was taught on was awesome. I can’t wait for my daughter to get the time to do so as well.

    We also used the range time to sight in his new 7” AR pistol and I got in some bullseye with the G26. My son also burned out his old carry ammo in his G43.

    I replaced the water in my house storage containers.

  34. What we did this week – I mostly weeded, planted fall garden and helped unload 400 cement blocks for a root cellar. My husband and our son also cleared brush and trees from an area where we’re having a well put in and a shed and animal barn built.

  35. BullDogBeau

    Hello again,
    Was watching a show were there was a terrorist attack with a virus. Made me think of the preps I have for that scenario…

    So this week I prepared a kit for sealing off windows and doors. I’ve had some cheap plastic sheeting but bought 6 mil thickness and about 8 rolls of gorilla duct tape.
    I measured all windows and doors in the house and cut plastic to size. Rolled them up and put them in labeled ziplock bags, I.e. “front kitchen window”. If there is some sort of epidemic, nuclear fallout etc. I will save time with this kit.

    Other than that the wife and I are spending the weekend in the garden.

    Great work everyone, love reading your posts!

    • M.D. Creekmore


      A pandemic virus is a real possibility – not just from a terrorist attack but also naturally mutating.

      • BullDogBeau


        Absolutely agree especially with migrants coming from areas where there are viruses that have been eradicated here or have yet to spread here.
        I’ve for a long time owned nbc masks (2 for each vehicle just in case we are out and several at home) nitrile gloves and tyvek suits.

        Never too prepared

  36. M.D. So glad to see you back in this format. My wish for lots of hits and comments to this format so that you are always out there for info.
    Not too much prepping this week as the garden has taken lots of my time. When the veggies are ripe, gotta move quickly!
    Got a new security camera this. Week along with a ferro rod on sale.
    Hurricane Barry has brought some rain my way but everything still feels sub-tropical with all the humidity! Thank goodness for. Quick-dry tops work when I walk in the mornings!
    Has anyone had any experience with clothing at Duluth Trading Co? One opened up near me,but geeeze…..the prices are steep! Don’t mind paying for quality, but want assurance and recommendations. Wonder if they use ‘Golden thread’ to stitch those garments? Maybe the reason for the higher cost of their products!

    • M.D. Creekmore


      Thank you! Me too.

    • Prepared Grammy

      I have bought a couple of different things from Duluth, but on sale. The quality was fantastic, and I think it will last a long time. I hope so because it was expensive. I could never afford full price, and the sale prices were still outrageous.

  37. mom of three

    If your water bathing your pickles, most can recipe’s, say 20 to 25 minutes, your cooking the cukes to death and they become soft, I put them in for 5 minutes and they seal everytime and because your using salt and vinegar they will be fine. My mom, never waterbathed her pickles, and they came out wonderful every time, but I like to do the 5 minutes bath for myself. But of course do some research for yourself.

  38. mom of three

    If your water bathing your cukes, you may want to cut back your time most pickles recipes call for 20 to 25 minutes , which cooks the cukes to death. I do pickles and I water bath mine for 5 minutes and the seal and turn out great everytime but please do your research to make sure this good match for your canning.

  39. Interesting info on pickling cucumbers. Will have to try the shorter bath bath times.

    Still in Virginia Beach, but hopefully heading to Idaho this summer to walk some properties. Gave up on the idea of Western NC /Eastern TN. Just not enough fresh cold water rivers or lakes in the area. Although I probably won’t find many wild hogs in Idaho, there are lots of Elk!!! Also, much more land not subjected to HOA restrictions or other limitations.

    Most everything is packed and ready to be loaded into a trailer for the one way trip west.

    All the HAM equipment is packed and ready to be set-up as the primary communications path for the homestead/retreat. Cell coverage in the area I’m looking at is pretty sparse and I don’t like cell phones anyway.

  40. green beans are about ready. Thank Heavens, garden a little slow this year. Too much rain, then no rain.!
    Canned beets, and cumubers are slow, but will come.
    Thank you for this site. it’s like finding a long lost friend.I’m 85 but still canning,freezing, and taking care of myself.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  41. JR from AR

    Haven’t posted in a long time M.D. Don’t know if you remember me or not. I have been searching yard sales and flea markets for hand tools, odd boxes of screws, nuts and bolts. I bought a B2710 Kubota tractor to use around the place. I am currently looking for a piece of land hidden away from the roads, kind of a getaway for me and the dog. Hope you are doing well brother

  42. Testdummy

    Didn’t do as much as I would have liked as it was way too hot for this gal. I did manage to reclaim about a half acre which was no small task with hand tools.went thru a bunch of clothes and donated or burned everything we don’t or can’t wear anymore. The garden is about burned out now. Still have tomatoes, peppers and a few new cukes putting on. Not enough to can this year but that was the plan as we are wanting to move and empty canning jars are easier to deal with. I still have more than enough canned from the past 2 years.lol. My milk goat is almost dried up,down to once a day about a quart. I’m glad of that with everything else I’m trying to get done I was short on time to deal with cheese making and such. That’s about it here. Sure am glad this is back it’s my favorite guilty pleasure to sit down and read. Thanks MD.

  43. I’m sure glad this forum is back. Thanks, MD!
    I’ve started researching ham radio but with an odd twist. I’ve a friend in a different state who has Usher Syndrome. She’s blind now and her hearing is going as well. I got to thinking that when that happens, maybe she could learn code and use a key to feel the messages coming in, and of course send. so we’re looking at that to see if it might work. If so, we’ll be learning code.
    Still working on building my stock up. It’s been really hot and humid, and so little has produced that I’m tempted to get a hive just for pollination.

  44. Dakota Dave

    I am so happy to see this feature returned to your site. I added a Sig 365 XL this past week. I’ve carried the standard 365 for quite some time now and I really like it. I also ordered some of Sig’s new 9 mm 365 HP ammo to try. Otherwise I’ve been sorting and organizing gear. Please keep up your hard work for all of us.

  45. Spent my free time in the garden this week. Weeding and pulling up a few plants that are finished producing. My tomato plants are so big we had to tie them up. Planning on canning some salsa this weekend.

  46. Any idea what happened to the current “What Did You Do To Prep This Week?” Things were find until a couple of days ago, and then whamo! No current blog and no notifications from M.D. in my email.

  47. Antique colletor

    Afternoon MD
    Like the new set up for your site, as I told you would drop in when I could to see what was happening with you and those who are putting thing up for a JIC.

    Prepping has been put on hold as dh broke his leg back beginning of June. That is what happens when you clown around, joking with the new grandma about trading in her granddaughter for a grandson.

    He is scheduled to go home in a few days but he his ready to go now.

    • M.D. Creekmore

      Antique colletor,

      Thank you! I’m sorry to hear about the broken leg… hoping for quick healing…

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