What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

Good morning everyone… I hope everyone had a great fourth of July Independence Day and didn’t over do it with the hotdogs, burgers, and fireworks. 

Sadly, the main threat to what resemblance to freedom that we have left isn’t from a foreign power but our own government. We live in a country where we have to get a permit or a license for just about everything we do, and or follow a law or ordinance or be fined and or jailed and since 9-11 we have been on a fast downhill slide as far as individual freedom and constitutional rights are concerned. 

Granted we are better off than North Korea for example, however, “our” own government and the powers that be continuously chip away at the freedoms that we still have and will continue to do so no matter who is in Congress, The Senate, and the Whitehouse. 

That’s what governments do… they chip away at freedom while dipping more and deeper into our wallets via taxation and then when the people push back they might back off a little, you know take three steps forward and one step back, and then start again.

It’s never-ending and we have to always be on the lookout for the never-ending encroachments. Sometimes the powers that be will even allow a new president to be elected to calm one political side down for a while so that they think that they have a choice and a say in how things are going while in reality they continue on with their agenda.

It’s like professional wrestling… it’s all a show to keep everyone entertained and pacified while “Rome” burns…   

Okay, now on to the next topic… I still get an email or so each month asking why I stopped posting the original “what did you do to prep this week” segment… so I’m going to answer that for everyone here today all at the same time.

I stopped posting it because it turned into a circus of whining, complaining, and ridiculousness. Every day I’d get emails from the main commenters (probably 70% of the comments were from the same five people), complaining about someone else comment that didn’t agree with them. Ban them or I’m leaving was the general and common thread of the emails.

Oh me oh my, if for some reason the system held their comment for moderation – here came the emails accusing me of “censorship” because their comment wasn’t approved instantly. If you’re going to turn into a dictator and censor comments I’m leaving the site.

And this from people who are supposedly preparing to survive TEOTWAWKI – newsflash, if you can’t deal with a comment in a blog comments sections without falling all apart then you’re probably not going to survive TEOTWAWKI. 

An then there was this one guy who thought that it was his personal mission to reply to EVERYONE else’s comments with his opinion. And even when asked by other comment posters to stop replying to their comments he still would not stop.

This is also, the same guy who publicly stated in the comments that he purposely avoided clicking on my affiliate links to Amazon.com because he didn’t want me to earn anything for my work here on the blog, even though, clicking an Amazon affiliate link costs the reader NOTHING extra when they order. 

And there were the ones who are horrified at the thoughts of me actually making a couple of dollars from my efforts here. I remember back when I first bought my solar panels and posted a photo of those on the site, several left nasty comments saying I should be ashamed, that I was getting “rich” off them somehow. 

And then there were the ones who when a few loyal readers would send a small donation to help support the site and I’d then thank them publicly for their support in the “what did you do to prep this week” segment, the jackasses would respond with the “here MD goes begging for money again” or the “looks like a scam to me” or other stupid crap.

To be honest I just got sick of all of the bullshit and the whining people that came with the segment so I closed it down. And then when I did they really showed their true colors yet again by going to another site and talking about me like a dog in the comments section there.

Some even came back here using different names and posting comments asking others to stop reading this site and to come to the other site… this went on for a couple of months before they “the wolf pack” got tired of trying to destroy me simply because I had decided to shut down their gossip column. 

Anyways, as you can see I decided to post it again today to see how it goes… so feel free to comment below if you have anything to say that you want to share.

As for my preps this week I ordered this, this, and this from Amazon.com – not really prep items but that’s what I’ve ordered.

I’ve also been working in my garden with my three sisters experiment and it’s coming along nicely, however, the weeds are trying to take over, I had hoped that the squash would shade out the weed growth but that’s not been the case. So I’m going to go pull some weeds after I get done writing and posting this.

Also, I’ve been thinking about selling my homestead and moving to another location with more land. While you can do a lot on three acres I could do a lot more on 13 and a half which is what I’ve been looking at buying. 

Oh yeah, for those who think that I’m getting rich running a prepper/homesteading blog I’ll post a couple of screenshots of my recent earnings below…

What did you do to prep this week?


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  1. Gordon Rottman

    This week I finally found in my files the list of required and optional items that were to be carried in each patrol member’s survival, escape, resistance, and evasion (SERE) kit. In my long-range recon patrol company we had 21 five-man patrols (recon teams) and our mission area was East and West Germany in the advent of a Soviet invasion. There were required items and equipment each patrol member carried in his rucksack, on their load bearing equipment (web gear), and on their person. The SERE kit was carried on the web gear. I’ll do up the list and post it here sometime soon. The idea was that it had items essential to your survival and ability to get back to friendly lines if you were separated from your ruck. Much applies to the idea of a “bug out” bag.

    • Sound like my recon patrols and ambushes on the DMZ in Korea in 89 and 90.

    • My opinion is: You can never make everyone happy all the time, so growing thick skin and increasing an attitude of “who cares” is in order. Keep posting this and whatever you want, the whiners be damned. I enjoy most all your posts. Keep up the great work and divorce yourself from the drama. 🙂

    • Barbara J Hoover

      Yesterday I bought a bunch of canned food and reorganized my storage pantry today. I found some cinder blocks for sale this morning, relatively cheaply especially since they’re from the 1960s and are more solid than those made today. My husband and son are loading them and bringing them home for the root cellar we’re planning. Other than that, gardening and working on our Airbnb space which will provide additional funds for homestead projects.
      Thanks for all you do!
      Moving on, Barbara

    • I think that is a great idea to post the kit. I’m sure we all could get something from this.

    • Larry Berg

      looking forward to it!

      While I have not included anything new, I am replacing items that have expired or ready to expire…

    • this, this and this

      I looked at all three, as I do with all your Amazon recommended items.

      For “this, this”, I’ve other version of. For “and this” it and similar products, I earned them through 39 years of USCG service.

      I’ve products that I’ve had for a long time . In particular two lights, a D cell and an AAA cell. Both were chosen for ruggedness, versatility and light duration. The D cell light I’ve had through fluorescent and two or three versions of LED;s. I’ve not see them on your web site/

      Should you be interested, I’ll be glad to send you details in a private message.


      PS: tuandbob@snip.net has been my email address since the 1990’s, no matter what you reply processor determined.


    • dave vance

      Brother I sure am glad you are back!! Your sight has helped myself and several friends immensely. We are still loyal and eager readers/preppers. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. If people disagree, theydon’t have to read/visit the sight. They can leave now.Just like the fools who talk smack about this country,no one is forcing them to be here. Stay strong buddy,its who you are! God bless you,and welcome back!

  2. I was sad to read of the behavior of some of your past readers but can relate. I labored in a Christian ministry for 23 years & often received criticism from others. Like “Why aren’t you open evenings & Saturday’s?! I was already working 45-50 hrs a week but was expected to put in an additional 25 hrs.??? i was already low staffed n took work home almost every nite n weekend. Some people will criticize no matter what you do. You have to learn to ignore all offensive & critical comments unless they are truly helpful. Do what u know is best to instruct us in prepping. You’re appreciated.

    • Oh Dianne, if only there were a like button same as on YouTube, I would press it 100 times for your super accurate comment.

  3. Purchased a new Mossberg 590a1. Built a new pig pen.

    • Re-inventoried and repacked my two SHTF bags. Still missing a few items.

      Thanks for the article on concealed carry and reciprocity. So I’m faced with this dilemma… i cant concele-pack my 45 semi-auto while hiking during “normal” times even though I may need it for self defense…or pack it and hope I’m not searched. Of course during a SHTF scenario I’ll be packing more than a 45.

      • So glad you brought this back! I learned so much during the few years I read it😀. This week I experimenting with making some flavored vodka- rhubarb vodka, peach vodka, and blueberry vodka. I canned 6 quarts of peaches (from The peach truck.com. fresh from Georgia!) As a sweetener in the syrup, I used honey from a neighbor’s bee hive. Hopefully, my hives will produce this year.

        We also decided to purchase a solar wind generator … looking at the Nature’s generator 1800 watts from Earthtech. Any one tried this brand?

        I re-inventoried my prepper pantry and promised to starve any one who removes something from it without logging it!!!

        Thanks for bringing this back!

    • Jay Thomas

      I 100% agree!!! Though I rarely post I looked forward to the legitimate conversations but tired of the using the column for general unrelated chit-chat and arguing…although I continued to read to glean the useful info.

  4. Started building a 10×14 guest cabin on the property.

    • Good to see a “What did you do to prep” notice show up. Missed them. Sorry about the rude and self fixated who have to hear their own opinions to be happy. Just treat it like background noise, don’t respond, and most will go away. The ones who dont, oh well. You do a good job…keep doing it.

    • mom of three

      Oh do share as time goes on we have a cabin we want to expand on to I would love to read what you use and how the process is going what works and what didn’t.

  5. Hide N Watch

    This week..
    Resupplied my car. Updated my first aid kit, checked my suitcase, washed the blankets, cleaned up the tool kit, will get an oil change this next week.

    Did an inventory in my garage (where I keep my food supplies). Sharpened garden tools.

    I live in an area (Fire Country) where the power will be cut off under certain summer weather conditions. Set up my Berky, ran my generator, filled up propane bottles.

    Harvested herbs and sun drying them.

    I think this timely and support your effort to restart this.

    Keeping Ridgecrest in my thoughts these days. ..

  6. Jerry D Young

    Dang, M.D.! I had no idea it had gotten that bad. I could not find you for a while, and I think that must have been when that happened.

    I kind of know how you feel. At least to a small degree. It is similar to what I get when I post some (many) of my lists. I get hammered for weight, volume, cost, etc. The fact that I include disclaimers that the lists are, almost always, pick-and-choose lists, and not lists that I claim to be must have or die lists. I simply try to offer up options to people. I am an options guy. I like having options. I have been in too many situations where if I had not had what I EDC and carry in various kits, I would have been up a creek. A couple of them pretty deadly creeks.

    The same goes for my stories. The characters are always rich. The stories are too short. The characters are too perfect. You name it, I get the complaint. Those actually do not bother me too much, other than the one about all the characters being rich. Simply not true.

    So, with the long explanation (and whining) done, here are the things I did this past week that improve or change my prepping status.

    1) I have started (again) to reorganize my preps. They have become so jumbled with starting the sorting process and then having to stop and dump everything back into the totes and bags that there has not been much organization, other than in the immediate reaction gear.

    2) Did some additional planning on my Modular Kit System. That occurred as part of my reorganizing. I was able to add various items to the appropriate modules.

    3) Picked up a couple of minor items. As much as I dislike Walmart’s association with China, and the family’s politics (I miss Sam.), their clearance isle does have some bargains. Got a pair of kite string winders that are going to work great for my air powered line gun for getting antennas up into trees and appropriate structures. At the Amateur Radio Field Day trip I took with one of the prep groups I am associated with I tested out the air gun, line pulling arrow, and two types of cord. I simply need a bit more air, which I now have. The cord organization was a bit tricky. These kite string winders will fix that issue.

    4) Picked up another 5vDC power pack, another Walmart clearance isle find. It is going to work well with the Samsung S7 Note replacement phone I had to get after that trip when I smashed my S6 into what would have been little pieces except for the screen film and a back card holder.

    5) After having tried some of the products one of the group members at the Field Day trip had made with his home freeze-drier, I moved getting one up the list of needs & wants significantly. They have come down in price a great deal, and now are in the range where I can afford one if I have an especially good book sales month.

    That is about all I can remember.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      Exactly. People love to complain and whine…

      • Re-inventoried and repacked my two SHTF bags. Still missing a few items.

        Thanks for the article on concealed carry and reciprocity. So I’m faced with this dilemma… i cant concele-pack my 45 semi-auto while hiking during “normal” times even though I may need it for self defense…or pack it and hope I’m not searched. Of course during a SHTF scenario I’ll be packing more than a 45.

        • Michael, you might check out Maxpedition or Fieldline. They have some decent fanny Pack type bags that may work. I have one of each with the intention wearing them with the pack forward. They each have a pouch that will hold a pistol concealed.

      • MamaValley

        M.D. I was an avid reader when you had this segment before but I didn’t post because I could see what was happening to other posters. It’s too bad people cant just swipe up if they don’t like/agree! Good luck with this ho around!

        I haven’t done much this past week but my plan this coming weekend is to try and reorganize my canned goods. I am going to try the colored dot system so that I remember to use the older canned food first.

        • M.D. Creekmore


          Thank you. It took a turn for the worst with all of the fighting and bickering.

      • did not know you had been reviled it was my favorite thing on the internet hope it goes well now . so much info free from those who are good at what they do , thanks

  7. Hey MD. Keep it rolling man! I like hearing what has and hasn’t worked for you. Like you I did some weeding in the garden today. I’m in the ‘burb’ and don’t have my homestead yet (working on it).
    As for my preps this week, I restocked my emergency medical and reloading supplies.

    I appreciate what you do and that you put yourself out there. Keep up the fight.

  8. I always enjoyed your weekly prepping posts. You might be moving again- this will be the 3rd since you started off in your camper. Does the potential new place have a house on it, and does it fit security and layout requirements?

    • M.D. Creekmore

      J Scott,

      It has an older double-wide on it right now…

      • Can you upgrade parts of the double wide to make it more secure? I have property that I haven’t put anything on yet, and debating what exactly is suitable based on price, security, durability and efficiency. My requirements differ somewhat from yours weather wise as I live in Western NY and subject to lake effect snow.

  9. One of God's

    Hope this column can be renewed without the negativism. I enjoyed learning of others’ ideas and preps. Allow me to suggest that a gentle question might make your failure to appreciate someone else’s comment easier to take and help clarify things for many of us. Certainly it’s OK for M.D. to earn a bit here. He has not presented himself as a full-time volunteer.

    As to what I did, nothing really.

  10. I have missed this feature, glad it is back!

  11. I always enjoyed this segment as some of the content always got me thinking about something I might not have about. When scrolling through the comments I just ran right by the whiners….
    Keep the faith brother, your efforts are appreciated.
    This week….more ammo, knives sharpened and more inventory completed. I also updated my various med kits.

  12. HI MD Thanks for resuming i have missed your updates on what you do what works what doesnt, and the low key but informative information you share, even when its just about a bad day or the weather, anyway , not sure why anyone cares if you get rich or not off your website it isnt costing them anything? if they choose to donate or buy from a link to support you great if not they still get to enjoy and learn from your post. I really dont see the point in why they care if you make a dime or a couple thosand?

    • M.D. Creekmore


      Thank you. I think it’s jealousy when there isn’t anything to be jealous about…

  13. No new preps this week, but I would definitely be interested in a review of the Brushcutter Attachment if you’re so inclined. The string trimmers just dont keep up on my rural property. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Although I really enjoyed the post, I can understand why you stopped it. When someone like you does their best to give people an open forum for free and is then abused by those benefiting from the content, it is time to discontinue that forum. I do know that those that bad mouthed you are cowards and would not do that in person and just like to cause trouble. In a true TEOTWAWKI, they will be the first ones taken out for their preps (if they have any) and we won’t have to worry about them.

    I do enjoy you posts and videos and hope you continue to produce great content! Thanks for all you do!

  15. Christina

    I bought a mini jersey, dexter cross calf for breeding and milk in a couple years.

  16. Sarah Querry

    A VERY LOVELY SATURDAY MORNING FROM SEATTLE,WA. ! I love reading post what others post AT my lovely vintage age and health sometimes it becomes very hard to be a very good prepper ! I fine some very good deals on “CREAGSLIST” (FREE STUFF) I was given some GOVERMENT MRE for free ! I wish I could get “FREE AMMO” but I do with what I get !

    • mom of three

      Hi everyone, MD. I agree 100 percent of what you had to say and I hope this stays What did you do to prepare, that’s it.
      Hubby and I have really been working on our second property this summer getting my raspberries established and planting more herbs, because we’re only here a few days a month I don’t make a garden yet but berries, do take okay care of themselves. I have picked and frozen 2 pint bags they are still producing well. I did put 2 full flats of Strawberries in the freezer, to make jam later on in the year. Getting items together to make homemade spaghetti sauce, it’s just so much better. I have a few recipes I want to use this year to make raspberry Liqueur, I made a Chocolate Liqueur, with out cream so I didn’t have to put it in the freezer, hoping in 4 weeks it’s good fingers crossed!!! Hubby, has been doing some trading with a friend he has been helping on their home and they have been paying us in homemade sausage, and bacon , to put in the freezer that’s been great. I’m thinking about the fair this year if I’ll enter I really have a few items I don’t know if it’s worth it I do have my apple pie moonshine, I’d like their honest Opinion, to see what they think of it Well, that’s about it for me take care everyone and stay safe:)

      • M.D. Creekmore

        mom of three,

        You are doing a great job! I usually do more but it’s been a slow week for me.

  17. Sarah Querry

    I MY SELF miss this toooooo! THIS way I get a ID what others are going though GOD BLESS THE USA

    • Discovered Jewelweed on my property. Going to make lotion to see if it will help my SIL who seems to get into poison ivy weekly.
      Too hot and humid this weekend to do much outside.
      Happy to see this again!

  18. Sarah Querry

    Updated my go-bags with new snack foods and a few accessories. Bought two insulated collapsible water bottles that flatten nicely in my go-bags and are good through TSA when empty. Just get some ice and water and you’re good to go on the plane or car trip.

    • Chudnee Marie

      Hi MD! I had been reading your blog while I lived in another state. It is thanks to you that I began prepping. I was upset when I got the email that you were shutting down the website.

      I am retired and have moved back to Tennessee. Think I might live somewhat near you, but for OPEC, will only disclose if you email me. Didn’t know you had moved previously and we may not live by each other anymore (was based on several pictures you had posted and looked like where I previously lived in Tennessee.

      It is very rare that I write on any site, but I am an avid reader. I have always enjoyed your site and the variety content. Thank you for all you do. I enjoyed the recent article about growing up. Like you, I suffered from fear, shyness, and lack of social skills for most of my life.

  19. It seems that whinning has become the national pastime lol. I rarely reply or comment to blogs, youtube, ect. Something or someone has led me to speak up at this moment tho. I appreciate what you do MD and don’t ever feel bad about making a liitle extra cash for services rendered. You are providing a service. I play music in a bluegrass band and people think because we enjoy what we’re doing as well as providing entertainment we should just do it for free. Guitar strings and gas aint free boss! Just sayin… Hopefully I didn’t rant or whine, just facts. This week I added a 55 gallon rain barrel, another small water filter(sawyer mini), pressure canner for the veggies from my new raised bed garden, and a couple containers of lamp oil. Most importantly keeping the old noggin on a swivel. Thanks for all you do!! Buck.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      I like bluegrass…

    • Thanks, Buck, for the reminder about the 55 gal. water drum. I am overdue to clean mine out and refill them. That’s just one of the great things about this site- it’s a great memory jogger. Thanks M.D. for reinstalling it for us! I’ve finished up freezing our green bean bonanza- about 30 gal. this year. What a blessing to be able to share with our family, neighbors and church. Tomatoes are just starting to come in ( I’ll freeze and then can when I have the time). My Walla-walla onions will be big this year, so I’ve been watching the tube for tutorials on braiding and storing them. I’ll report on the success or failure of this project! It’s good to be back sharing again!

  20. secondrecon

    Nice to have you back at it M.D. But you can fix stupid , it has to have a mixture of lime soil and a shovel Peace out

  21. I am so glad this is back.

    My husband is now bedbound, but not yet in hospice. Since I am trying to make things in my life a little easier on me, I have begun a major overhaul of each room and organizing for me not for the both of us. I also have to take more mini rests and be more patient with myself in order to get the important things done each day.

    I am a little upset that for the third year in a row, the weather has been rainy and cold during the summer and my garden is suffering. I have renewed my efforts at hydroponics-the Kratky method and turned my spare bedroom, which faces east and south into a greenhouse. One side is being set up for hydroponics and another for soil products. I am bound and determined to get the vegies I want even if Mother Nature wants me to live in winter all year long. Ice Age cometh. That would be the Grand Solar Minimum for those in the know.

    I have also gone through my cupboards and found canned goods from 2016 that I am finally getting to. They are still good to use and I get sort of a thrill that I am using them and will be able to stock up on them again. Happy Prepping, everyone. God Bless

  22. I’m glad the weekly column is back. It may take a while to ramp up as a lot of people may not be aware of it again, but patience may pay off.

    Mrs. Penrod and I have been fairly laid back on the prepping front lately as we are planning to move from Honolulu to the Mainland next year and it just doesn’t pay to get a lot more stuff and then ship it.

    We added a couple tourniquets to our emergency gear recently, but have had a chance to practice only with a RATS. We are just finishing up a three week camping trip in Idaho, which gave us a chance to refresh some skills, test some equipment, and do some reorganizing.

    We added 1575 rounds of .22, 400 rounds of .38 Special, and 300 rounds of .45 ACP to our Mainland camping/BOL supplies. Also a couple each enameled metal plates, bowls, and one stew pot.

    People we camp with prefer plastic plates and cups for easy disposal, but we detest the fumes when they burn them in the campfire, and they blow around when empty or nearly so- Great way to spill food all over. The metal plates and bowls do need cleaning, but water is available where we camp, and we don’t run out of disposables.

    Two family members in CA felt the earthquakes quite strongly, and seem to have been at least adequately prepped. They had been thinking about doing so, but (I think with some encouragement from us) had stocked up several weeks ago on water, food, and first aid supplies. Not sure how much they have as they live in a tiny house, but at least they had consciously made the decision to prep and had followed through.

    • Penrod:

      We actually started telling the people that they were not to put their plastic or cans in the fire. Then I started having the younger people dig out the fire pit, pull out all the junk and put it plastic trash bags.

      With our grandson’s (who are used to “disposable”) we “issued” them a set of plastic flatware for the trip. Loose it or burn it, you did without. Same with drink bottles, they were refilled from the cooler jug. Then to help them understand water conservation they had to haul water in 5 gallon cans! It worked (although I was called “a mean old man”.

      I looked at the Cali-quakes as a good thing. Lots of little ones letting off the pressure rather than a big one.

      • Hi JP, I agree re quakes. The other upside is that it provokes some more people into getting prepared for a really big one, and keeps those who have prepared, perhaps reluctantly like the husband I’m thinking of, into understanding that being prepared for a natural disaster is nothing to be embarrassed about.

        Burning: we burn cans in camp, but fish them out and take them with us. It’s the plastic which drives me buggy.

  23. David A. Frazer

    I tried out my new AK jig this weekend.

    Practicing my welding skills. Purchased a AC/DC TIG welder. Still need a few items to TIG. My stick welding skills is still there.

  24. Frank Vazquez

    It’s not prepping in the sense of checking gear or inventory or building a bug out vehicle, but I was at Dollar Tree near my house and I found Ted Koppel’s book about the infrastructure, a book on cooking with Quinoa and one on baking breads and other items.
    For $3 I got an informative book and two on food preparation.

    I have guests right now, from Venezuela as matter of fact, but planning to get into some preparation projects. I need to organize my gear, build a few kits, and create space again for extra food. I don’t want to get into a long story or explanation, but I need to regain control of things and get the house in order. My car is small with little space and after a little research on how and what I can do, I hope to create storage and hope to share any good ideas I come across.

  25. Frank Vazquez

    Canned cheese, oranges,apples, made bug out camp food boxes, packed go meal buckets plus more. Watching news (not ABC, CBS or NBC!) & Thinking I’m really not as ready as I’d like to be!
    Thx for all the tips!

    • Frank Vazquez, In your post you said “canned cheese.” Would it be presumptuous of me to ask for more information. Could you create a post on the subject or point to some additional information. When I still lived in the US and before my first wife passed away, we had a Jersey cow on our hobby farm. We made many kinds of cheese. Some (farmhouse cheddar) were waxed and put in storage in the root cellar to age. “Fresh ” cheese like mozzarella and ricotta we froze for use when the cow was not producing milk or it was traded and given to friends as gifts. We even attempted to make feta cheese but that really should be made from goats milk to be correct. Any means of storing cheese without the need for refrigeration would be, I believe, a preppers dream. Thank you in advance.

  26. we cleaned out, reorganized and restocked the preps room. this is a great site for all of us – thanks MD

  27. So glad you are back. I missed hearing about other people doings. Still cnning, gardening and freezing. If I were younger I WOULD BUY THE NEW BIG MACHINE to use but I’m too old ! Weather here has been awful, rain everywhere but on my garden. It is beginning to suffer, even tho we water.
    Cannot stand an empty canning jar.!!!!
    Keep up the good work, and WELCOME back

  28. Busy week, for a holiday.

    Safeway had a sale with an extra 10% off for military people on the last weekend in June. DW got $180 in groceries for $79, and I got a new 4-burner Char-Broil grill (w/side burner and a full 20 lb. tank) that should have been $300 (MSRP) for $121 (assembled). A timely purchase; as we took the old grill out and gave it away (it still worked), I found many parts were rusted to the point they crumbled when touched.

    DW’s new handgun has its basic “gear” now; spare mags, mag pouch, holster, and TFO sights. Ready for a little trigger time!

    Murdoc’s (our local ranch & feed store) is doing its thrice annual 15% off for military people. Time to pick up some planned-for accessories!

    I have issues with my feet (diabetes +), so I wear Skechers Sport, 9.5 4E. The last time I was able to find my size on sale, they were closing the JC Penney and they were $45/pr. Now I can get them from Amazon @ $38/pr. Now I can afford to change them out every 6 months like I’m supposed to.

    Installed TruGlo Tritium/Fiber-Optic (TFO) sights on 3 Glocks. These are the best sights I have ever used, and I’ve used them for years! Not hard to do (with the right tools!)

    Refurbishment: Took the lid off the storage compartment on the front of my camp trailer. At 20 years old, it finally was so cracked around the locks that it needed replacing. Since no replacement parts are available a local metal working shop is going to build me some supports out of aluminum.

    The truck went in to the shop for the AC on Wednesday. Friday, I got the word that the AC compressor ceased and took out some other stuff with the shrapnel. So, the truck is down until EOM.

    Went out Friday to maybe shoot and look at a replacement van. Stopped at a shooting school and got their information and prices; looks like they will be getting some business from us. Found myself a Stoeger Uplander 410 S/S (used very little/still extremely tight). Mingled with the tourists at some of the “hot spots” out in rural Montana. Didn’t get any shooting done nor found any vans (don’t it figure).

    Finally got some trigger-time on Saturday. Boy do we need more practice! At least we had no failures with the Aluminum case Federal ammo I bought for practice. The Glocks seem to take to it well.

    Received: 2.5-gal fuel cans; gas grill; dual mag pouch for G43x/48; AR mags; Sketchers shoes; 2” gel-foam pad for bed; Glock folding 4-in-1 tool; EDC vest; creamy wheat cereal; shotgun & ammo; Tarp clamps: 10 (clear) & 20 (black);

    • BullDogBeau

      Great work/prepping JP. Your list is long. I completely agree with the TFO sights! I’ve replaced most of my handguns stock sights with these.

  29. AZ Reality Prepper

    Thanks for all you do M.D. I got a little tired of the competitiveness (I was the “first” to comment” etc) and trolls too, but always enjoyed this part of your website the best. Even if I didn’t comment, I enjoyed reading it. My personal preps this week have been non-existant. I’ve been fighting a severe cold all week, coughs, sinus issues, etc. Not fun. But I will get through it and then start working on stuff again. Prayers to all who need them.

  30. Almost There

    Glad to see your back MD. I learned a lot on the weekly prepping posts.

    I canned 17 quarts of green beans this week. Got some pickles going in 5 gallon buckets, on their 5th day of a 10-day process for sweet pickles. They are so good.

    Still organizing stuff, selling and donating what I need to. I have a different perspective on things now than I had 10 years ago. And even since the last 5 years. It’s a slow process to gather needed items.

    I am planning on making a raised bed garden this fall, gathering supplies over the summer, so next spring, I will be ready. And if I want to do a winter hoop garden, I will have it set up to do so. I will be putting in the square panels for things that need to grow on a vine, and the tomatoes so I can easily get them trellised up. Need to get a roll of baling twine.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  31. Evergreen

    So glad you brought this back MD!
    I relocated from Southern IL to Northern MS about 6 months ago, so I still have a lot to learn about this area. FH and I have been looking for a homestead here. I planted my first garden by myself this year and have learned a lot (I’ve always helped my parents). This week I made pickles for the first time and zucchini bread. I bought a pressure canner and hope to can some green beans this week. I also bought a couple of ball books and plan to make some salsa after my tomatoes start ripening.
    I am having an issue with blossom end rot on my green peppers as well as my tomatoes. I’m unsure if it has to do with the lack of calcium or the fluctuations in moisture. It’s very humid here in the Memphis area and we’ve had several hot dry days followed by excessive rain recently. If anyone has any tips on this I’d greatly appreciate them!

    Hope everyone had a blessed Fourth of July!

  32. Boo Thompson

    Sorry to hear people were such a__holes!
    I canned 14 jars of meatballs and 6 jars of taco meat – got a great deal on ground beef.
    Keep on keepin’ on M.D.!

  33. Decided to take the advice of several survivalist bloggers who recommended stocking up on the Baofeng UV5R hand held radios. Don’t know if they’re really going to disappear in September but since they’re so cheap (about $20-$25 each) I bought a 5-pack. If things do go to hell in a hand basket they will really come in handy!

  34. Owl Creek

    I always looked forward to your weekly “What did you do . . .” column each week, even during those weeks when I didn’t do a heck of a lot. I was sorry to see it go and I hope that you’re able to keep things going this go-round.

    For old guys like me (age 75…so far), prepping is probably less of a challenge because many options like bugging out and trekking through the woods to safety just aren’t feasible and my timeline for survival is probably shorter than many others. If I can ensure that my wife and I have “enough” food and water, medical supplies, security and defense items and so on to hunker down here for the long haul, that is probably about the best we can do. To that end, I’m pretty comfortable with what’s in our storage area and stashed elsewhere around the house.

    I’m saying all of that to say this: While I didn’t always comment on things I did or didn’t do during any week, I always appreciated your asking because it made me feel like I should be doing more than I did. That, and many of the comments from others nearly always caused me to take another look at what we had and whether we should be doing more. Sometimes we did and sometimes we didn’t, depending on the topic.

    This week, I emptied out a 55 gallon water storage drum, purchased stabilizer for refilling it and plan to take care of that next week. I also purchased my first Swiss army knife as a result of one of your columns and added it to my collection. I was very impressed with it, by the way.

    Have a great week and best of luck with your new property acquisition.

  35. Almost There


    Are we supposed to get the “confirm” so we can see only the new posts and replies? If so, I’m not getting them.

    • M.D. Creekmore

      Almost There,

      I’m not sure, to be honest… it’s a new system… I will have to look into it.

  36. This week.
    I bought some hay and put it up.
    I butchered some rabbits.
    I moved the new pullets into a pin.
    I started tilling my garden. I live in Arizona so my garden is about done for the next two months. I garden year round except late July and August.
    I bought some extra grain. I expect the price to go up sky high soon. I have a 2 tons stored up right now.
    We bought 24 cans of corn, peas and greenbeans on sale at Walmart for >50 cents.
    I services all my equipment Lawn Mowers, Chippers, Tiller and Chain saw. Fired up the generators like every week.
    I have a lamb to butcher next week and some lumber to pickup tomorrow. I got it free off craigslist.
    Busy week for me also worked my full time job.

  37. It seems that as with anything you do, there will be opinions positive and negative. I am happy that you are trying again. It says alot about your strengths M.D. As for you three sisters experiance, keep us informed how it goes. We have been getting hit with hail almost every week, so almost starting from scratch every time. But will keep trying.

  38. just got a S&W snub nose for backup,started harvesting squash an pea’s garden ding great this year in Idaho. My idea on these clows just ignor them, just ready to turn 76 an life is to short to payem any mind, screw ’em. glad your back like your stuff

  39. Savvysenior

    Really glad to have this section back again. Followed it for many years but never posted. Ignore the complainers and build this up again.

  40. Prepared Grammy

    I hope everyone had a great Independence Day, and thank you to all of the veterans who have and are defending our freedom.

    Thanks for bringing this back. I enjoy reading what others have done. It motivates me, and reminds me of things I forgot to do. I want to make money. I want your readers to make money. I want you to make money. That’s how we buy the things we need.

    I’m sorry the weeds are taking over your garden, and I wish I could give you some zucchini and yellow squash. It’s coming out of my ears!

    This week:

    -Successfully moved three pullets to a coop with other chickens.
    -Cleaned all three coops.
    -DH cleaned out the barn for me. That’s true love.

    -Planted the corn…again…for the third time. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with the seeds I ordered. They’re not heirloom, but it’s our favorite corn.
    -Harvesting from the garden. Cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, and green beans are doing well. I’m giving most of the cucumbers away to a friend since I’m too busy to can pickles now.
    -Pickled beets and canned slaw. The slaw was a recipe that someone on Facebook recommended. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see how it is.

    *Added a little to the stockpile: box of screws, straw, vinegar, hygiene items,

    -Added a six foot shelf to the pantry and organized a little. It was actually pretty orderly, but the new shelf makes it easier to tell adult kids where to get things for me when they’re helping with Sunday dinner.
    -The upstairs is clean and organized! Successfully checked off one item from my summer to-do list!
    -I’ve been going to Salvation Army frequently, rummage sales, and tag sales. I’ve come home with some great finds. I’ve added a lot of pans that DIL and I will use for soapmaking, another water bath canner, miscellaneous kitchen items, and a great cookbook. The cookbook is a foraging cookbook!

    -Learning to do small repairs that DH usually does. (He’s willing to do them. I just want to learn.)

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

  41. Glad this section is back! Missed it, have learned a lot from it in the past. You do a wonderful service in teaching and reminding us all about the importance of keeping prepared. Never mind those who have or may criticize—there’s more out there who look forward to your posts and enjoy them.

  42. Bought toilet paper. Lots & lots of toilet paper. I feel strongly about toilet paper!

  43. Hi MD, and those of you who might remember me.
    Have not looked in for a long time. Had been getting run ragged for way too long. A job change and many miles later things are better and health improved.
    Prepping for this week was a little pm and getting some new glasses. The rest has been every day stuff.

    Don’t let the small minded get to you MD. Their opinion plus a dollar gets a refill at the convenience store.

  44. tomatogal

    So glad to see this back, this was always the highlight of my reading for the week.
    Our big prep is that we closed on selling our building Monday! My last day at my present job is tomorrow, we
    rent a truck and dolly Monday and head to TN on Wednesday morning!
    Unfortunately, we have had to give a lot of stuff away. Can’t bring it all, but, boy, did I have a lot of green beans and
    pickles “put up”.
    We have safe places to stay while we house hunt. Almost everything will stay in storage until we have a “new” home that hopefully will be a good homestead for us.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      Thank you… I’ll have more to report next week. This week was more of an introduction and welcome back on my part…

    • Almost There


      Care to share the general vicinity of where you moved to in TN. I’m in the middle.

  45. Happy Housewife

    Like others, I’m so glad this is back. I always learned a lot and it helped me stay focused. Recently I’ve been striving for simplicity, being grateful for what I have, and really thinking before spending money on anything that can’t provide function .. either now or later.
    M.D. Creekmore, you’ve helped people more than you ever know. Your recommendations, tips, and Amazon suggestions are always welcomed. 🙂

  46. tomatogal

    We will be staying in Knoxville. We are trying to relocate on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau. Looking at a house in Morgan county on Saturday afternoon. I will need to be within commuting distance of Lenoir City or Oak Ridge or somewhere like that.

    • M.D. Creekmore


      It’s just a short drive from Morgan County to Oak Ridge. They have a nice dirt racetrack there too.

  47. GrandMa said “if you can’t say something good, say nothing at all.” There are ways to disagree respectfully but it appears many people today have forgotten the fine art of conversation with others. From all the posts above mine, at least this group of folks “get it.” MD, you are in good company. and I must say that you took the “bashing” you received very well. Please bear with my rant:

    Before I relocated to the Philippine Islands, I watched a lot of RV (Recreational Vehicle) YouTubes. I was looking for additional income ideas that work in remote locations and I had the thought that RV folks would know a lot on the subject. Not all are of them ride around in old, dilapidated wrecks that break-down every few Klicks. Many actually do well. and have very creative ways to earn regular income on the road. Sadly, a lot of good people take a constant beating. I do not know if it is from competing Y/T channels or simply people who make it their mission to troll others. When you add in those who make their living as E-beggars while RVing, it has almost become a circus of disappointment for me.

    Another area where we see the same kind of phenomena is the EX-pat community. I am an EX-pat and can write lengthy diatribes on what it is like moving from a cold northeast climate in the US to a tropical environment halfway around the world. I can certainly speak to the issues of how darn expensive it is here to purchase the imported items I can not buy from local sources. Personally I have ZERO interest in doing a Y/T channel of my own creation. This arena has also become a circus. Some super nice folks do YouTubes for the fun of it. They offer potential EX-pats and vacationers great information on what to expects on their visit and how to prepare to immigrate if that is your wish. These folks get regular bashings for no good reason. They even get accused of getting rich from Y/T even if their channel is NOT monetized. Then, we also have a sickening contingent of E-beggars. Many came here with few/no resources. Before you know it, they are “creating “videos with a cheap cell-phone on their life situation in the Phils and always a settle hint to “send me help.” Some will go so low as to photograph children of indigent families and again, ask for help, “not for the videographer but for the kids.” We actually have anti-begging laws in place covering this type of activity, PLEASE, do not EVER send these bums money, we do not need them here.

    OK, enough blathering from me. We had reason to use a good amount from our short term storage over the past six months because we were adding capital to our growing business here in the Phils, Well, Saturday morning here, Maria finished “the list.” We rolled out in Mom’s urban assault vehicle (a Toyota Wigo) to not one, but two supermarkets to begin the replenishment of our short term storage. We stuffed that little roller skate full as we could. Mom will be will be organizing for at least one more day! In addition to other water storage, we are adding rain barrels for the monsoon/typhoon season which has started here. Our thoughts are filtered rain water will be a great addition to our other storage in the event drinking water deliverers are halted during an emergency or should the municipal water line become compromised . Our part time YaYa/ maid has helped me find sources for full sacks of dried Garbanzo beans. I will be putting those up for long term storage and no longer using highly salted canned chickpeas. Way better to cook up a fresh batch on your own. It is good to see our YaYa also beginning to to store some emergency food for her family, something she has never done before and always suffered when clamidity struck.

    MD, it is good to see that you teach people to stand on their own two feet. It is good to see you lead by example, not just words but by our own actions. I will para-phrase the words of John Cameron Swayze : You take a licking but you keep on ticking. Thank you MD, for all that you do and for what you stand for. from Maria and Jack in the Phils

  48. Surviving in Ky

    Evening MD and Pack, Not a lot this week. Did trade vehicles and didn’t finance a lot. This one should see me to retirement hopefully. That is if I can do it early. If not, may need another. Lol I have been going through and updating the BOB. Mostly going with lighter and functionality. Still pretty heavy with the added food. Took a recent vacation and took basically a three pack. Girlfriend didn’t say a word. She has come a long way over the last few years. I sure felt better having it, even with the extra handling. Also been adding to the communication ability, even though they are portal. I will post some of they at a later date. About it from the Bluegrass. Thanks for putting this backup MD. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s still small and haters are going to always hate.
    Surviving in Ky

  49. Hi, M.D. I always liked this segment and am glad you brought it back. It is great to see what other people are doing. You’re never too old to learn something! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more proactive in reaching goals, so this week I inventoried the pantry, cleaned out the freezers, made jam, put a serious dent in my homestead fire prevention weed whacking and tree trimming, weeded the house garden boxes and the big market garden, started drying chamomile in the dehydrator, bought some supplies for the big first aid medical box, and have been seeing to it that everyone has new clothing essentials. I am totally “beat” and my muscles are aching, but it feels so good to be able to get out and do the work.

    Two things: I will be very interested in hearing about your new homestead should you decide to move; and, just ignore the losers.

  50. M.D. I am also very happy to see this portion of your work return to your website. It was always my favorite portion of your weekly posts. I learned a great deal from the people on here and thought about many of the conversations on how/what would apply to my own situation. Pleased to see many of the old commentator’s on also. I do hope you return the “Prep of the week” even with the occasional rambler or complainer.

    As the lead trainer for my company, I understand how hard it is to grab the attention of everyone and keep people focused. Like you, I hear complaining about certain things and I learned that all I can do, is my best. If its constructive criticism or advice on how to improve the subject or improve our techniques, then I am all for hearing from people. If they just whine or complain constantly, I realized it is there own personal flaws and I overlook their comments. I especially like to ask them how they would improve things or would they be willing to lead an activity/project. IT usually shuts them up for a while because they don’t want to work harder. Just tune out the negativity.

    As for my own preps, I continue to try to improve my orchard, garden, and fruit plots for the future. I have the lofty goals of canning and freezing 40-50% of my families yearly vegetables. Dependent on Mother Nature. I realized last week that the rabbits ate the 2 new Ka-bluy blueberry bushes I just bought and was trying out. $60 bucks down the drain. Bad enough only 1/2 of the other bushes are producing this year, my new experiment failed. I can only hope they still come back but need to cover them with chicken wire.

    Good luck everyone and keep on track

  51. So nothing flashy, but I ordered a slingshot and ammo. I have various firearms, but in a true SHTF scenario, ammo will grow increasingly scarce as time goes on, even if you start out with an adequate cache. OTOH, nature made rocks aplenty and scattered them about in abundance. For small game hunting (squirrel, rabbit, pigeons), a good quality slingshot should be sufficient to bring down supper. It has the added advantage of being silent, thus not alerting others to your presence. I’ve found that they now even make slingshots that launch small arrows and may look into those as well at some point since that would be easier than carrying around a full-sized bow or crossbow.

    I’ve also invested in a basic series of books on bushcraft survival skills, and a book or two on knot tying. Basic stuff, but it gives me a framework that I can use to start thinking about alternative survival methods. I’ll add more advanced material as I progress. I’ve begun to practice a few of the recommended techniques in preparation for actually needing those skills; better to have them well-learned when in need than to refer to the book when you’re already in the tank.

    Lastly, as Seth Godin recommends, you sometimes need to “fire” your clients – in this case whiny blog readers. See here for his words of wisdom on that topic:


    Or, the TLDR version: Fork ’em if they can’t fake a choke.

  52. Good to have this post back! Love talking to other prepper.

    Before I was hospitalized last Sunday, I had canned blueberries and mushrooms. I bought a couple of cases of green beans at Aldi’s. Of course, even being down, I have a container garden to water and chickens to tend.

    I am back home getting my strength back. I had a diverticulosis (complicated) flare up while I was in the early blistering stage of shingles on my right side of my scalp. Yes, my head hurts!!!!

    Prices of food are and will increase. Best buy now than later.

  53. dennis ward

    Due to minor mouse attack I got busy cleaning, going through cupboards, inventorying supplies and made a list on items to restock. found one of the little boogers had even taken up residence in my printer paper tray and realized I needed some more printer paper.

    made a list of things to grab in case of an evac due to fire as I live in Northern California.

    I now have a really clean house and a restocked pantry!

  54. MD, on another note. I wish you and all bloggers made enough money to make your time worthwhile!!! I have always loved your articles and the Saturday, “What did you do to prep this week?”

    Personally, I think more land is better if you have the equipment to work it.
    Go with your gut level feelings. You already know the answer.

  55. Chloe in Maine

    Prepping this week/weekend, there was a little bit. Tended to the garden, doing some weeding and working some fertilizer into the soil again. Put most of my focus on repairing a split floor joist. It’s repaired and the floor is back to level. Double checked inventory replenishing the usage. Tomorrow, finish the side deck and put up the stairs.

    Till next round,
    Take care

  56. No point in prepping unless you know what you are prepping for. So this week I have started to reassess my risk analysis documents to make sure they are up to date and contain the info I will need when we move house in a couple of months time.

    Regarding the detractors MD, just ignore them unless the criticism is constructive. Make sure you take care of you and yours and thank you for thinking about the rest of us and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Remember, socialism in any form is evil as are its supporters. Those who sit on the fence are just as guilty. End of rant.

  57. Glad to have this post back! It was my favorite regular read each week. This was a great place to hear what others were doing and share experiences and ideas. It also served as a motivator to keep learning, working and improving my preparedness each week.

    Unfortunately the world we live in has no shortage of people that find it impossible to disagree with an idea/opinion and just move on or provide an opposing view/suggestion without becoming abusive. They fail to understand the concept that if they really don’t like something… they can just go somewhere else. This isn’t an airport so there is no need for them to announce their departure.

    Bought a tent and zero degree sleeping bag and updated/replenished my EDC first aid kit in my work backpack. I also picked up some bungee cords and tarp clips.

    I ordered a couple of flash drives so I can organize and store two copies of my important documents (encrypted). I’ll be storing one copy in my safe and a second copy offsite. I recommend two copies in case one flash drive fails and I store the second flash drive offsite in case of disaster. (The second flash drive can be stored in a locked work desk, safe deposit box or a friend’s/family members safe.)

    Heading to the local, weekly, flea market in search of deals in the morning.

  58. Testdummy

    Thanks for giving this another chance MD. I really appreciate all you do. Didn’t get much done preps wise cause I was busy trying to get ready to move. That fell thru and now back to square one. Sometimes it feels like you can’t win. On the bright side I have purged a lot of stuff that had collected over the years. Got my goat and sheep herd down to a manageable size as well as my ducks chickens and turkeys. I’m in the process of drying up my milk goat so I can take some time off from cheese making and the like. I will be sooo glad when the hubby and I find our permanent place so I can start to garden full on again. Container gardening is okay but just doesn’t produce as well. That’s about it for me. Hopefully will get back to normal soon, whatever that is lol. Have a great week and God bless!

  59. Researched property in NE TN. 38556 for a further move. Hampered by storms on the left coast of FL.. Lightning took out our main TV; researched, purchased and installed a replacement. (well over due) Worked on chicken coop/run. Lite reading do-it-yourself & Back Woods Home literature. Overall, not very productive, but not completely useless either.


  60. have always looked forward to the what did you do this week to prep section. really missed it when you dropped it. As far as the whiners and belly acres , s&$@w them . they will always be around and should be ignored. I was in command of a rev war re-enactment group for 22 years with 26 people in my group. this was always some form of not agreeing with how things were done. too bad , if you don’t like it , leave. you have you’re devoted followers and they are the ones who support you’re efforts. As far as compensation for what you do , you deserve it . it takes time to work a site such as this one and everyone’s time has value. keep up the good work. A lot of folks are being helped by what you do !

  61. Greetings from “The Redoubt of the East”
    First of all I really missed this this comment site and am grateful to see it back. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this and learned a lot from others as well as you.
    What did we do to prep this week? Nothing but garden!!!! We put 26 cubic yards of compost down and planted a cover crop of wheat last fall and man what a difference! If your garden plot is struggling, a”renovation” will work wonders. The garden looks like Jurassic Park! We have squash, cucumbers, beans, blue berries and tomatoes coming out our ears.
    Look forward to hearing from “The Pack” again.

  62. Firesider

    It’s great to have you back in this forum, and to be able once again to read the thoughts and preps of others. While I do not always agree or see the sanity of some of the posts, I certainly appreciate what is posted as coming from folks who need the place to share their thoughts and to seek the direction of fellow preppers.

    I am readying myself for my annual 10 day adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW} and find this activity a great opportunity to review my personal preps at home. While “bugging out” in the wilderness for 10 days is not for everyone (thank goodness), it is a fantastic physical, mental and spiritual exercise for me and my fellow voyageurs. I am once again reviewing what I have prepped at home and in my truck for both short and long term adventures beyond society as we know it.

    Go for your dreams and move on that property! It’s sort of like building a barn…. the first one is already too small before you have the roof on it!

    You are a valued voice of reason and most appreciated.

  63. PrepDownUnder

    Hey MD, glad this segment is back. I didn’t comment much but always read others comments.

    Being an Aussie some of what you post is of little use to me – concealed carry for instance – but I do get a lot of helpful info from other peoples comments. By the way, we haven’t been disarmed here as a lot of people think – getting rifles and shotguns is not hard at all. Handguns are club members only but likewise not difficult.

    What I did this week is an ongoing process. I bought my forever place last year – almost 4 hours from where I live. On the coast and almost 3 acres with a house I plan to live in forever. Had 2 large sheds built totalling 24,000 square feet for storage and security and on each I have a 5,000 gallon water tank. The house is on town water but I don’t plan on using much of it. I only get down there every second weekend as I’m still working but I’ll get there.

    As soon as I get the place fully set up I’m moving down there and dropping out. The money I earn while still working will pay for the rest of what I need although about all I need now is a small tractor like a Kubota BX series and some building and fencing materials.

  64. Thanks a ton for giving it one more try. I won’t use the word but here’s to the trolls!

  65. Thank you for all the great work you do to creating very useful videos & writing. We have used many of your ideas on our property to improve things & be more efficient. I know I couldn’t put up with the snowflakes that can’t deal with anyone that has a different opinion.

    We have a rural setup similar to yours & in Feb. decided to buy a very remote place with very few people in the area. We now have 18 acres of heavily wooded property with several ancient cabin sites & apple trees that will be our new homestead. We have figured out less people in the area equals a happier life on the homestead.

    Keep your info coming & know that your work is appreciated by many people who also “really” live the life not pretend, demand & disrupt others.

  66. Jukeybean

    Thankful you got this up and running again. Enjoyed it when it was running before, learned a lot from your posters. Don’t let selfish idiots bother you….as my mom would say, ‘You can’t expect anything from a pig but a grunt’. Some people like the sound of their grunt. 😉
    As for preps this week… Harvested some herbs, dried them and stored. Picked mulberries from my tree, canned them wih chocolate vodka. Yum! Caught 70 perch and have the sunburn to prove it. The sun was stronger than the multilayers of sunscreen that were applied… Put filets into saltwater baggies of 20 per bag and froze. Also wrote some recipies on cards for making homemade cereals and pemmican.

  67. Bill Johnson

    Very grateful to see this feature back! : – )

  68. M.D,, I am so very happy to see you are back again. I say screw those trouble makers who just want to start some crap for the sake of turning the whole focus of this site tone about them. It your blog. We are a pack, and I certainly wouldn’t put up with that crap in my bug out group. Here to learn from you and others!

    By the way, I liked your first place, current place is nicer and 13 acres would be totally sweet.

    Glad to see you back again!

  69. Sorry to hear that the What Did You Do To Prep This Week turned out to be such a PITA…or at least a bunch of the posters did. I really enjoyed it back in the day and picked up some good tips & ideas. But I noticed that a lot of the old regulars had dropped off and that a lot of new ones just weren’t the same. I will admit that there was one guy I often wanted to slap silly because he came across as such a self-ordained expert on just about any topic. I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  70. I always enjoyed this segment and was entertained by most of the goofball comments. I am glad to see this return to your site MD. As for my preps, it seems redundant to post that I’ve added ammo food and water to my stores I think everybody does that every week or when ever time and funds permit. About a year ago I moved to northern Michigan for the quiet, solitude, fishing and hunting so my preps for the last year have been geared toward gardening, clearing land and making upgrades to my new house and occasionally finding time for fishing and hunting. I found a great martial arts group, gun club and gym in my area and began training again. I work though the day on various projects. I go to bed early each day knowing that I have made my place better and I get up everyday ready to start again.

  71. Old Country Boy

    Nice to see this back. Don’t pay to “discuss” issues with one that may provoke. Think it would piss them off more when ignored. Just back from visiting family in Western NC. So much simpler below that Mason Dixie Line. Need to move back on day. Thank you for all your hard work. So, did upgrades to my duck house. New chickens and ducks should be laying soon. Had added to the flock earlier. Garden coming along so waiting to can. Still 1/2 cord or so of would to split. Done babysitting DGD, as DD and family moving to WV. More time for more work but going to miss them.

  72. Even though I hardly ever commented, I followed this segment for a long time and missed it greatly. I wouldn’t let the comments get to me. You help bring together a group of like minded individuals. You also have the right to make a living.

    Prepping has saved me many times over and because of a chronic illness now and on disability, I’m starting my preps all over again. This is another reason I was thrilled to see this section start again. I may be on disability and homebound a lot, but a can of veggies here, a bag of rice there… it all adds up.

  73. City Susan

    MD, I’m so glad you’re back!!
    I’m back too, coincidentally. Last fall my laptop died of the dreaded black death. It has taken me this long to find another inexpensive used one. So I signed on to look for you. (26k emails i need to delete)
    I’m kind of glad I missed the bad stuff. I always appreciated this column and I learned so much here.
    I haven’t done much prepping during the winter, because of health concerns. Because I took care of the symptoms then I was able to avoid costly surgery this spring! Getting my strength back now and hope to start again soon.
    Just a reminder, not everyone is doing well. The food pantry has not had any meat for 3 months and I am being very creative with beans.
    MD you are truly appreciated here, and please remember you own this site and not the whiners!
    thank you, thank you, thank you and welcome back.

  74. M.D.,

    Thanks for giving this another try. Remember, “Illegitimiti non carborundum.”

    I missed this feature, as the filtered wisdom of the Wolf Pack brings in more points of reference and experiences than just one voice. For example, Penrod and Jack have situations that are clearly different from the rest of us, and their experiences make you stop and think.

    It was due to information from the commenters that I stopped taking statins when my memory started to be erased. Even though memory loss is a published side effect of the drugs, and you aren’t supposed to take statins together with another prescription I take, my Primary pooh-pooed the memory loss as old age, and wanted me to keep taking them. My blood numbers are not too bad without them. You can say the Pack saved my quality of life.

    Plus, there were people praying for each other as needed. Some responders confirmed that they did, others like me just did it. That is an intangible that can’t be measured.

    I even learned a couple of things from the “resident expert,” though I wouldn’t do everything the same way . . .

    You commented recently after another article that preparedness was dying off, and the new owner of your old site was losing money every month.

    To the first point, there may be less “start-up” individuals, and those who had begun preparing for emergencies may have moved into homesteading stage. You can only read so many dozens of “Ten Things to Put into Your Bug-Out Bag” articles before you have that information covered. Besides, as I have said before, I’m too old to expect to live under a pile of leaves in the forest with a gun and a backpack, like the “experts” would have everyone prepare to do. There are terms for people with everything they have left in the world in their packs. The terms are “refugee” and “homeless.”

    To the second point, I think the new owner of your old site is the one who sends me 3 emails per day, with links to various articles that are years old. For example, one recently linked article was about how to make a cheap burglar alarm by hacking a spare flip phone with parts from Radio Shack. I still have a flip phone, but when was the last time you saw a Radio Shack? I knew stores that survived the first and second waves of closings, but now they are all gone, at least around here.

    To Frank Vazquez with the small car, here’s an idea that may or may not work for you:
    My personal “escape pod” is a 10-year old sub-compact hatchback with manual everything except fuel and spark, and it gets around 40 MPG average. I built a Chinese 3.3′ x 4′ mail order mini trailer kit, added a plywood deck and removable car top carrier. With a hitch kit and taillight adapter on the car, I can almost double the carrying capacity, and still get 38 MPG. I can unbolt the carrier in a few minutes, and move a snowblower, etc on top of the plywood flatbed. I used eye bolts instead of hex bolts to secure the deck, so I have places to hook ratchet straps. Using the mini-trailer, I can avoid borrowing DW’s compact SUV to carry all my tool boxes.

    So on to last week.

    It was DGD’s birthday, so I spent a day chopping veggies so DW could try a couple of special recipes. Then I spent four days alone at the retreat doing minor chores. I had made shopping list last trip, so I brought along a restock of canned and bottled goods for the cupboards. Plus I spent a few minutes working toward installing multiple comms into the “escape pod.”

    The internet at the retreat was out. No email, no looking up anything not on a local drive. The lights indicated that electronics were present and communicating on the other end of the pipe, but no World Wide Web beyond that. An hour on the landline with the agent, who kept having me reset the WiFi box so he could try remote access into it. He finally decided it might be a network problem, which is how I started the conversation. He made an appointment to send someone in three weeks to take a look at it. Then two hours texting on a flip phone explaining why I answered “N,” the agent was not helpful, in response to the customer survey text. That pretty much shot one day.

    I also went to the dinner at the volunteer firehouse in town on Saturday. It’s important to build relationships to fit in with locals, even if it is just letting them see your face at the lunch counter, the bank, the lumberyard, the hardware store and the firehouse. They turn and look at you twice when the lunch counter owner asks “the usual?”

  75. First of all, MD, use your number 10 boot! The negative can be removed with that boot. And have a way to ban them from coming back in. Trouble makers are just that and noone needs them.

    As far as prepping goes: I am trying hard to find the material’s to make a water well bucket. And I am getting nowhere fast. NONE of the stores and even a plumbing shop, has the 4″ pipe I am needing.

    I think I am just going to have to buy a Stainless Steel unit and have it shipped here. Tearing my hair!!!!

    Keep up the good work please. Love your articles.

  76. Please, please do not let the NEGATIVE NANCYs out there rule. For those who do not use my Mom’s golden rule,”say something nice or say nothing at all”, shame on them.

    I very much look forward to this part of your site. ITS THE BEST. To put it in perspective, it get me moving. If I let a week slip and I haven’t done “something”. Then this calls me to task and makes me re focus. I get so wrapped up in day to day things, it’s easy to let forward preparing go.

    I have benefited 100 times what I have put into “preps” in peace of mind. Two hurricanes that came our way last year and the very deadly F-4 tornado wizzing by my house this year. I didn’t have to run out for bread, the store was actually bare shelves once (hey we wanted a soda), and still no real worries. Even without power, we had safety, food for the farm, and plenty for us. That kind of peace of mind is priceless, but those were short term disasters.

    You remind me of the long term. That most people can not get a bunker and have it stocked. That we MUST go day by day, week by week, to live a lifestyle and improve what preparations we are doing.

    Please don’t stop. I learn so much from what you and everyone does it is awesome. I know you would never look down on us for not doing “something” that week, but each week these things add up. And honestly, I am so new to this I wish I had a group to turn to for knowledge. I say this so you know the “what did you do this week” is as close to encouragement.

    Please continue to post links to amazon or wherever to help me find some of these things more easily!

    Thank you and God Bless all your endeavors.

  77. BullDogBeau

    MD, THANK YOU for giving her another shot. I appreciate the conversation, thought and insight you provide. I’ve always followed your sites and watch your videos. I am not a member on YouTube and won’t be so I don’t get notified of new videos or give you another tick on subscriber numbers. I do check weekly to see if there is anything new.

    I understand your frustration with some of those followers. You truly can’t please everyone. There were several that ruined the experience of your blog for others. The ones who acted like it was THEIR site, that they had to comment on “everything”. I was bothered and didn’t post a lot because of the self proclaimed “EXPERTS” in everything putting people down for their thoughts. Honestly, disagree and move on, it’s not personal.

    Prepping… I’ve ordered and received 226lbs of Corn Meal from Auguson Farms, 100lbs flour from Auguson Farms, 1 superpail of Egg Powder from Auguson. Added to my long term storage food and inventoried.
    Went to the range twice in last two weeks, shot off several hundred 9mm, 40 S&W and 5.56. So I ordered additional 1k rounds of 9mm and 40, 2k of 5.5.6.

    That’s all for now, please keep up the great work and Thank YOU!

    Participants reading this, let’s keep it civil and accepting of opinions. We learn a lot from each other, I know I sure do.

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