What did you do to prep this week?

M.D. Creekmore

I've been interested in self-reliance topics for over 25 years. I’m the author of four books that you can find here. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about prepping, homesteading, and self-reliance topics through first-hand experience and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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  1. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Nice looking piece for sure! Just finished testing a completed rifle build myself. How do you like the Ruger PC9?

    • Jesse Mathewson,

      I just brought it home yesterday and put 150 rounds through it without any issues… So far so good. I love the idea of it using the same magazines as my Glock 9mm handguns.

    • JP in MT says:

      I still have to conver mine over to the Flock mags, but that is the reason I bought mine. I sat down one day and listed what I would want in a 9mm carbine; 2 montehs later I read about the PC9.

  2. Gloria says:

    After the fever of last week, I thought I was on the mend. But no, I got several days of tummy flu. Finally feeling better now and hope this is the last of the sickness. Can’t believe how long things dragged on.

    Bought 9 lbs of organic quinoa to vac seal in mason jars, 12 doz more canning lids cheap from the mennonites, 2 dozen cans of prepared rice on sale, gatorade for storage for any future dehydration problems, some bulk bottles of multi vitamins, mega boxes of cotton ear swabs, boxes of alcohol wipes for use in the cars, 2 large binders for more prepping notes, new garden kneeling pad on clearance.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Gloria, whew~! Good news than!

      • Gloria says:

        Thanks Jesse. Shows that we need to keep our health up to avoid future plagues of things going around.

    • Troy says:

      I got some canning this week as well (first attempt at pickles). I running out of my old lids and remember readimg an article on here about canning lids that did not have a shelf life (now that ball makes them to expire in 18 months) but I cannot seem to find them anywhere and dont remember the name of them, anyone know them? I did look them up one time and Amazon had them. Thanks

      Semper Fi

  3. JP in MT says:

    Did my 1st of the month bill paying and shopping; Costco, Haebor Frieght, and Sportsman’s Warehouse; mostly hard goods – folding tables, chairs, and 45 qt clear storage tubs. Also order some AF #10’s.

    Although I will admit that HF tools are not the highest quality, for what use I put them through they work for me. Plus $15 for an electric spray gun for my painting/varnishing projects, makes them practically disposable.

    Checked another box off my “preppers list” with 2 PSA bolt carrier grouups for the spares box. Thanks Jesse!

    • Denkermann says:

      Are you in the Helena area?

      • JP in MT says:


        No, but I do get there a couple of times a month. Shopping is getting better there. Now for a Cash & Carry!

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      JP in MT hey, I have several myself and plan on another one or two eventually. After all the lower and the BCG are really all you cannot get in some cases. Better to have a few spares right?

    • Anonamo Also says:

      JP we got one of those cheap paint guns from HF a couple of years ago It did not make it thru the 8×6 bathroom spray and a 10×12 bedroom wall spray… so will need to be disposable if like ours.

      • JP in MT says:

        I really only have one project (so far) that needs to be sprayed and have picked up 2 for it. Thanks for the info, but this should work. Either way, I’ll let everyone know.

        • Sirius says:

          I agree with you on Harbor Freight. If I were a working professional, no, I wouldn’t be using them. Home repairs… You bet! I got an electric jack hammer from them a few years ago for about 350 after the coupons. If I were to rent one, it would have been 175 a day. I would have had to break my back for two days to get the footing out that I needed to remove. Instead, I own the electric one, I used it for an hour an afternoon and my back never felt a twinge. 3 of my neighbors have borrowed it and it still works just fine and saved them each 175 a day.

          Harbor Freight may be “cheap chinese”, but for occasional home use, it get’s the job done. And as inexpensive as those tools are they can be treated as disposable. I also use them to cannibalize the inexpensive angle grinders and circular saws, etc. if I have an idea to make something and I need parts. If my idea works, then I’ll go get the expensive power tools for replacement parts when the time comes, if it comes at all. I still have an angle grinder from them that has to be 10 years old. I use it almost daily. Not for big stuff… cut this, sand that… but daily. I think it cost me 8 dollars. I love it. Not only that, but they are really good on returns and/or exchanges if “cheap chinese” breaks.

          All of that said, I don’t work for Harbor Freight. I don’t get any money from them. The only discounts I get come from the coupons they print everywhere. I just like their stuff. It’s my grown-up boy version of a kid in a candy store.

          • Anonamo Also says:

            JP,…DH got a more expensive one thru HF, and has not used it yet, have the inside of our house to spray.( I am dreading that).. neither of our jobs was professional, and it is a good thing… because a customer would have charged us..was in a mobile home…, and had to get another one/brushes… to finish the jobs.to acceptable… I was referring to the cheap one,( about 15$) and I do not have the model number. It is a matter of getting what you pay for. the one he has now takes a compressor to run. so he is expecting to get service out of it, also from HF..

          • Sarah Querry says:

            HELLO AGAIN “HA ,HA,HA about HABOR FRIGHT before I retired you would never get me go in there and support CHINA for being ‘CHEAP” and when you spend a few $$$$ you get a free gift like flash lights I have about 30 of them they go bad you put them in the garbage ! AND you cat forget about the “batteries” MY son use the hell out of them for his TV remounts and the games

        • Sirius says:

          I just tried to reply here to you. I think I’m having the same problem as Thor1. I’ll try the reboot.

  4. Thor1 says:

    Puppy power

    • Thor1 says:

      Puppy showed his true colors during a storm…He threw himself between me and the door just before a large bolt of lightning hit. I’m not sure if he was protecting me or saying don’t open that door. LOL

      The lightning took out my DTV dish, my home phone and my internet. Then the power went out for a second.

      It was like a mini EMP……

      Then the Mrs. pointed out bark removed from a tree at the fence line.

      Yep, it got hit and bark was on my back porch 50 feet from the tree. WOW.

      Everything was fixed for free the next day. Yay

      Bought 240 rnds of 5.56 and 200 ends of 7.62 by 39.

      Interesting carbine MD, I may have to get one.

      Heads up in Portland Oregon, a march of prayer patriots takes place from 1200 to 1600….. Antifa said they would bring guns to confront the patriots.

      I found a live link……

      • Izzy says:

        Thor 1; I had lightening strike my house 3 times. The first time it made an ‘S’ curve right through the house. Scared the you know what out of me.

        I was watching the Antifa crap going on in Portland. I read where the idiot mayor told the police to stand down. If ever there is a reason to keep prepping, this is one. We will see the same behavior…and worse when the SHTF.

      • Blondie says:

        If you had stuff in the house damaged I would have all my outlets and electrical box checked out, lightening strikes cause damage to electronics that doesn’t show up for awhile. If you submit it now your homeowner’s insurance will probably take care of it. Including replacing all damaged electronics. Better than a fire later!!

      • Thor1 says:

        This link is for Portland Oregon…..march of patriots being confronted by antifa at 1200 to 1600,

        3hrs difference in Pacific time so that would be 1500 to 1900 est. Or 3PM to 7PM eastern standard time.

      • Thor1 says:

        Its starting to heat up……

    • Thor1 says:

      I just read an article that was on Steve Quale’s site…….

      He has a link to a Rolling Stone magazine article about the NRA going bankrupt due to a lawsuit in NY. The article said that they can’t get insurance and banks won’t loan any money to them…

      Assault of the 2nd amendment !!!


      • Thor1,
        I saw that story yesterday, and yes, that’s exactly what it is… and when the NRA is gone so will be the Second Amendment.

      • Penrod says:

        Hi Thor1,
        Cuomo et al threatening regulated industries like banks and insurance to make them drop gun stores, gun manufacturers, and now the NRA goes back several years. The Obama feds told banks several years ago that serving customers in ‘problematic’ industries including guns and porn would get them audited. And audited. And audited. ‘Serving entirely legal industries which we disapprove of will cost you a LOT of money. Understand?”

        Important parts of state and federal government appear to have been taken over by criminals. I think we can be very happy that the Clintons aren’t back in power, but things are ugly enough.

        Thinking of the judgment against the NRA CarryGuard insurance companies…. I can’t think of any reason that it is illegal to provide insurance against charges of criminal behavior. Innocent until proven guilty, yes? Especially in a day of politicized prosecutions…oh…I guess that’s why it is illegal to insure against criminal defense.

        Silly me.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        The NRA has never actually fought for overall rights. Rather the NRA has in fact supported every major ban put in place from 1932 and on…sorry. but they really do not care

        An aside. You all know I love evidence and facts.. if you really need them for this I’ll gladlyhand them over.

        • Jack says:

          Jesse is on point here. This is EXACTLY why so many local state firearms rights organizations sprang up. We had Gun Owners of New Hampshire in my state before I relocated overseas.

      • Old County Boy says:

        Do you really believe a story like that. Not I.

    • Sarah Querry says:

      I have a BENGAL kitty 🐱 at one year old he is 15 lbs. (if I could I wOuld post a pictures of him ) I walk him all the time with dogs I get some bad looks a cat on a leash on him

  5. Defcon says:

    Am I blocked too ???

  6. Docj says:

    Small garden focusing in tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and a few okra plants is doing great even with a major hail storm, baseball size hail, and heat. Planting some cucumbers, summer squash, and green beans today after my quilting class. I have been running both canners for chicken, green beans, carrots, white grapes and still dehydrating all kinds of greens.

    The new PT in water is doing wonders. I am doing things I have not done in 5 years!

    MD, Trump is only one man and 50% of the voters hate him with a passion. Time to prep is greater now than ever in the past. The weather, earthquakes, and volcanoes are beyond human control. Gardens are failing either due to heat, drought, or flooding which could lead to food shortages. Commercial farms are losing grain crops in Kansas. Again, good reasons to prep. We can expect our own crop failures. What will we eat if our gardens fail and the shelves are sporadically empty or totally empty?

    Keep on prepping!

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I love it when I have enough garden foods that I have 2 canners going at the same time! Don’t you?

  7. Babycatcher says:

    Anyone who thinks Pres. Trump is a shoo-in for 2020 better keep praying. How many are aware there have been three assasination attempts so far? We need to keep him in prayer and protected. On the prepping front, just tending garden.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Babycatcher, There have been FAR more than 3 attempts on POTUS. Yes we need to keep him and entire family in prayer. They are attacking his whole family because they know his family and the people fo this country is the reason for him taking and desiring the job… fighting the crud.

  8. Denkermann says:

    My favorite chainsaw crapped out on me but I wasn’t too worried because it’s so hot I didn’t want to be using it anyway (I didn’t want to be hauling the wood out of the forest to the road). I had to order parts that I don’t normally keep on hand (ignition coil). This led me to ordering similar parts for ALL my chainsaws, and doubling my stock on the normal stuff like bars, chains, spark plugs, filters, and clutch assemblies. Those thing will be hard to get once the balloon goes up.

  9. Fixit says:

    Well I have been off line for a couple of weeks . Added to my screws ,nuts bolts and nails . Will be teAching a class on brain storage this afternoon in Perry county Tn.
    Ok ! Finally have a web link for this Octobers Expo in Hohenwald , Tn.

    Three busy days for preppers and homesteaders . Ask questions if you need to and I will answer what I can .

    • Jean says:

      Hope to see you there!

    • Almost There says:


      I think the Russians tapped your post… “Brain” storage class. I would love to take that one…. 🙂

      • Izzy Crabtree says:

        Almost There; How did your weekend go? I was sure praying for you that all went well.

      • Fixif says:

        Well first you must be able to take it out and play with it so perhaps you might be able to take that class😁 sorry had to . Should of read grain storage .

  10. Goatlover says:

    One of my hens hatched out a couple of cute little chicks on Monday. A friend of mine traded me 15 large avocados for some of my goat’s milk soap. As the avocados ripen, I mash them with a touch of lemon juice added, then press them into ice cube trays and freeze. Then I pop them out and seal them in food saver bags for later use in my smoothies. Very healthy fat source….
    Finishing up another quilt…just need to put the binding on now. Will be attending a class this afternoon on first aid with a focus on using essential oils. Hope to learn a few new things there. I’m also stopping at a friend’s nearby farm for 25 pounds of Noble grapes. Last year’s crop made some pretty decent wine. I will be trading them soap for the grapes, plus sharing a bottle of the wine from last year. That’s it for me this week!

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I tried your soap recipe, and I failed miserably. It never did set up. I wonder if I had the measurements off. I weighed them instead of going by a volume measurement.

      • Izzy Crabtree says:

        Prepared Grammy; You can’t switch how you measure ingredients. If you tell me what the consistency is like, maybe we can fix it. In any even, don’t toss it. It can most likely be used as a liquid in bath or shampoo.

        • Prepared Grammy says:

          It was the texture of hair conditioner.

          • Izzy says:

            Prepared Grammy; It sounds like there wasn’t/isn’t enough sodium hydroxide in the mixture. Try adding sea salt to your mixture. You have to heat the mixture to make sure the salt melts. Depending on the size of your batch, add a teaspoon at a time, let set Sometimes if you let your mixture set for a week or so, it will harden up. One other thing you can do is try microwaving it in 60 second increments, then stir really well.

            Worst case scenario, add a little guar gum and use the soap as a liquid soap. Better than wasting it.

  11. mom of three says:

    We are having a beautiful morning, we got up a bit late we went to see Mission Impossible, last night was very good movie, lots of action. For the rest of the day this afternoon and tomorrow, we will be working on our property, doing clean up around the area we had the hot tub. I did extra pick up in the food department. Going to buy tomatoes, to get started on Salsa’s, I have the Jalapeno’s, and onion’s, I need Bell peppers, and cilantro, to round it out. I’ll probably just a enough cuke cumbers, to make a dozen jars of dill pickles, last year I had so many and I was working on Pickle’s, for three days using them up. We have a burn ban on in the state of Washington, until September 30th, bummer no more campfires, I almost want to get a propane fire pit to enjoy in the evening. Big lots, has 50 percent off of Summer light’s, furniture, and decor. I got a string of lights and an owl, you can put a candle in not a prep, but just a fun fall decoration to just enjoy. Well, have a great weekend stay safe, and well everyone cheer’s…

  12. Docj says:

    MD, I wrote a long post today and it disappeared! Will need to post a new one.

    • Docj says:

      MD, Found post sometime later. Glad to see it as it was long and I am about to get on with this weekend’s prepping. Have a great week!

  13. Goatlover says:

    Testing! I typed out my progress for this week, hit send, and it disappeared…..

  14. Prepared Grammy says:

    I agree that our current president is going to have people coming out of the woodwork, and maybe the grave 😉 , to vote against him.

    This week has been a slow one. I’ve worked every day getting my classroom ready for a new year. I’ve managed to keep up some of the regular daily outside chores at home, but the house is a mess.
    * I canned some green beans.
    *We cleaned out the goats barn.
    * My laptop, which is quite old, is on its last leg. We bought a new one today, and I’m trying to get used to it.
    That’s it for me.

    Be prepared. Stay safe. He’s in charge.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Ray Stevens has a song out about “Grandpa voting Democrat.” .. kinda funny and kinda sad… that the voter rolls are not purged of the dead and anyone can fill in those slots.

  15. Penrod says:

    Two of my posts didn’t post. Probably the Russkies at work 🙂

  16. Penrod says:

    Things have been pretty quiet in the People’s Republic of Paradise.

    We have a hurricane to the east of us which may get to the Big Island around Wednesday. Dunno about afte that. Not much to do beyond keep an eye on it.

  17. Bebe says:

    I have been canning 5 days a week for 3 weeks. The garden has really produces. Green beans, beets, tomaotes, and onions. I will can anything that doesn’t move. Who knows what is a head.
    We have had several fogs the last weeks, old wife’s tale,”fogs in August means heavy snow in winter”, We will see.
    Take care of yourselves, prep, watch and listen.We need each other.

  18. Anonamo Also says:

    Hey everbody,
    Just a few things this week.. go chicks I ordered in Americana Pullets, paid for 10 got 12 .. one is different…will see what it is.when it puts on full feathers? .went by local farm store and they had some Columbian Wyandots- and i got a few… RIR pullets and got two more little girls to raise with those for my RIR flock.. The two hens I got in the spring are just begining to lay… have gotten 4 eggs this week.. from them. The 4 sex links are laying huge brown (variations) colored eggs. So now I am owned by 20 baby chicks..
    Just a few things from the garden., yet an improvement on last year have planted a few tubs of veggies for late crop.. Okra, tomatoes cucumbers, Peppers are trying but heat has been really hard on everything. most of my chickens have backed off laying because of the heat. Garden:watering daily most days and sometimes twice. Grass is growing fine and we have worked on remova of 500+ sweetgum trees from the back yard…Have begun preps for the garden for spring…clearing the area of invasive grasses.. removing before seeding and plan is to put down plastic over the area for much of the rest of summer.
    ..Have responsibilities i must complete in next week, enough work for 3 weeks in addition to normal things..

    To Those fighting virus’ …If you do not have it get the free pdf…” the one minute cure”.. on use of fg peroxide( use by counted drops, in filtered water). colloidial silver is also antiviral, both,use sublingual swish 90 seconds min. and swallow .DH alternates them on q6 hour when somthing hits him fast and hard..He does not stay down long at a time.
    . replaced some handles in some tools this week and got tires for some other items..
    . work on the place is continuing as fast as we are able to do it… If this truck would stop running over us and backing up to see what it hit, we would both be better in the mornings.lol
    Keep on Keeping on and taking care of those close to you..

  19. suzy q says:

    Not a lot this week. Just feeling a lack of motivation which will soon pass. Did help teach someone About the joys of shopping at dollar General on Saturdays.

  20. suzy q says:

    Something I wanted to mention, I know a lot of us use 2 ltr soda bottles for storing rice and grains. Please check them regularly. I had a mouse problem in my garage and while the mice seemed to have left the bottled water alone every bottle of soda has been chewed thru and all the soda cleaned up. I believe the mice are gone but definitely not forgotten

  21. Greg M. says:

    Just started a free course on bread making this week. Its very basic but so far has covered the basics of white bread, pita bread and tortillas. If you are interested, you can get a variety of free courses from gohighbrow.com that cover things from computer coding to history to self improvement. Lots of variety. DD started school this week, so kind of wild in the mornings here. Garden took a beating from the heat this summer, but at least we’re still harvesting tomatoes. Not much else for prepping and homesteading. Nice carbine M.D.

  22. Labgirl says:

    I have been learning to use the Instant Pot. I have to research on-line every time I use it as the instruction booklet was quite minimal. I have cooked potatoes and green beans, made yogurt and boiled eggs. Tomorrow is red beans and rice. I also found a blog and recipes for freezing meals in round containers to cook in the Instant Pot. That would be a good prep for busy times.

    The cucumbers are done and the tomatoes have slowed down except for the tiny Everglades tomatoes. I am still getting peppers and eggplants. The okra is producing and I am dehydrating it and cayenne peppers. The Seminole pumpkins are still setting fruit. I have quite a few large orange ones out there already. They are so tough that critters can’t even chew them. I canned several jars of pears. I cut 2 chaya shoots and stuck them in pots to root. The perennial Okinawa Spinach has done well this year and I use it on pizzas and in omelets.

    I ordered and received storage replacement items from Brandless:
    12 bags organic tortilla chips, 8 packs whole wheat spaghetti, 4 packs taco seasoning, 2 jars yellow mustard and 1 jar Dijon mustard.

    I purged 2 dresser drawers of stuff. This weight loss is great for my health but I am going to have to spend money on clothes now.

    • Izzy says:

      Labgirl; You will get very use to your insta pot. They are awesome for quick meals.

      As for clothes shopping? Better you than me. I absolutely loathe shopping for clothes.

      • Labgirl says:

        Izzy, I keep putting off clothes shopping because I hate it and I am still loosing so don’t want to spend the money for something nice. I am staring to look homeless, however, with my baggy clothes. I might try Goodwill or somewhere similar.

        • Izzy says:

          LOL @ “homeless”. Labgirl. I went to the thrift stores when I was putting on edema weight. I never go to Goodwill tho. They are too high and I don’t like the way the company lies to people. But, I have found some amazing top drawer garments at out local thrift store and didn’t pay more a $1 for anything. Try to find locally owned shops or community center services. They often have the best buys.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Insta pot is good to take meats from frozen to “fall off bone tender.” I bought one at a yard sale about 6 months ago.. use it for m tenderizing meats and I finish veggies on stove..separate.. that way can have the same meat prepared different ways/ w/ different sides…

  23. Old County Boy says:

    Took the DGS on a vacation last week along with the DW and DS to visit the folks in SW Missouri. Had a DB and is family there as well. Small family reunion and a good time by all. Hit a few “junk shops” on the way back looking for those needed items.
    Found this week upon returning five missing zucchini, mmm. Need to reposition a camera.
    Made up fourteen pints of sweet pickles and seven quarts of dill. Dug potatoes today and will set up to cure tomorrow. Ordered a couple of flags. Feeling a little rebellious.

  24. Jack Wigandt says:

    We had a “dry run” LITERALLY on what to do if the municipal water system fails. A shower unit fell from its holder and broke off a deteriorated valve in the master bedroom CR (Comfort Room). Homes here in the Philippines ARE NOT built to US standards with plenty of shutoffs, cleanouts etc. etc. I had to shut the water off at the meter to facilitate a repair. It was a fun project to open the tile and concrete wall with my break-point chisel and brick hammer. I was able to cobble up a plastic valve and elbow overnight and all was well by the AM when the kids had to get ready for school. The lesson they learned was a taste of what it will be like if the municipal system fails and why we have the preps in place. My bride Maria kissed me and commented, “how blessed we are to own the home we have, possess the skills to repair/remodel and as she said, also have real running water.” There are many folks not so fortunate We made some great trades in the IRAs and began diagnosis on “Mitzu” our inherited Mitsubishi ’93 RVR TURBO-DIESEL, prior to repairs.

  25. Izzy says:

    Not a whole lot of preps this week as I was out of sorts physically. I did finish up picking the last of my little peppers to hang to dry. Sorted through ‘stuff’ to pitch. No bottled water at store….grrrrr. Will try again this week.

    We had a nice break from the heat to the point of needing a cover at night. Alas, the heat has returned. (:

    Prayers for fellow Wolfies. Prayers for the firefighters out west. Prayers for our nation.

  26. Izzy says:

    “Democrats and powers that be would cheat to win.”

    M.D. They already did that to get Oboy in for 8 years. I worked on voter verification and the amount of fraud was mind boggling. They tried like heck for Hillary.

    Personally, I think something is going to blow before the 2020 elections. Hostilities in this country are escalating…like the Antifa nonsense and even some dems are getting fed up with the antics.

    • Moe says:

      Do you know if things have settled down over in St. Louis? Thinking of driving through there this fall. I only see Portland in the news.

      • Izzy says:

        Moe; Other than bullets flying across the freeways, and normal ghetto crime, there hasn’t been too much else going on that I am aware of. One never knows though with miscreants like Antifa etc. always willing to start something. I would say election time (Nov) is not a good time. Third week in Oct. is usually good. A number of festivals going on up and down the Mississippi.

        Do you know what you want to see/visit? I can ask the OATS driver what the buzz is when you get close to your time frame. She is ALWAYS in the know.

  27. G.Go says:

    Our 8 year old refrigerator died yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it that it did it right after we went shopping and stuffed it full. I am trying to save what I can by transferring the new items and some old items to coolers with ice. I was able to transfer the items from the freezer to the basement freezer. The basement freezer is 13 years old so I hope it doesn’t die next. So far it has been an expensive summer as our HVAC that died was replaced last month.

  28. JD in NY says:

    Hi Pack, hope all are doing well! Haven’t posted in a few weeks but since our summers are on the short side I have been busy trying to catch up and finish projects around the place.
    On to it then….We moved the chicken coop and run to the other side of the property closer to the house and we can see it better. It was an all day affair as the cop is rather large plus pulling up all the stakes and fencing then resting everything made for a long day but it’s done…FINALLY. So far we have 7 cord of wood cut split and in place to be stacked but more to be split, so much fun (sarc). We cleaned out DH’s garage (ok most of it) so you can actually find things as he is NOT the most organized person around at least it looks better. Cleaned up around the property and got rid of things that we don’t need or broken as it was making me crazy to have so much junk around the place. I repaired the front deck by replacing some wood and screwing down old pieces then painting the whole thing with oops paint I picked up for $8. I admit it’s a bit of a bright red/brown but I repaint this deck every year because of the weather and abuse it gets so I realy didn’t even care what the heck the color is at this point. Canned up about 50 jars of assorted jams for our use and gifts for Christmas. My garden looks like I’m practicing gorilla gardening because of all the weeds I have which I have just given up on trying to keep it weed free. Between the wheat, rye and trivoli that has been planted on the property I just can’t seem to kill it so I’m going to be making raised gardens because I’m just done. I don’t know why but this stuff just won’t die short of putting weed killer and running the soil I have done everything else including putting pigs in there and had them tear up the soil. So frustrating! We had to take apart our cars tranny and replace the wire to the harness (had a short) so since it was open replaced the solenoids also…now that was a fun project 😉 . Picked up a car for DD for school DH talked the girl down from $800 to $300 because it wouldn’t start. We got it started but it needs a battery, starter, timing chain, pulley and water pump but the lat 3 things are stuff you should replace anyways when buying a used car because if the timing goes you bend your valves and that is a massive repair so better safe then sorry. But the car is in really great shape and only has 88,000 miles on it so hopefully this will last her for a few yrs as long as she does regular maintenance it should. Well I’m off to work hope everyone has a great week and prayers to you all!! PEACE

    • mom of three says:

      Have you thought of putting wood chips down in your garden to keep the weeds down? I understand the junk, trying to get rid of it is a chore I went through my garden tent and got rid of really old paint, and broken decorations, and pots, rusty poor quality tools it sure makes your life better. I also bought some oops paint to redo our picnic table and two benches we put around our fire pit, it just makes them look better,and keeps them from rotting into the ground…

      • Jack says:

        JD and Mom of three, may I humbly suggest there are superior alternatives to wood chips for mulch in your garden. Wood chips, especially pine and other conifer are acidic. They are a wonderful choice for acid-loving plants such as between your rows of blueberries. For the vegetable garden, weed mats or black plastic mulch sheets if the budget permits. A few sheets of newspaper and top it with straw or other organic materials works great and can later be turned under to build your soil’s nutrients

        • JD in NY says:

          Thanks for the suggestions but I have already done all of those and yet the weeds still come like gang busters. I swear I have frankenweeds! I even placed black plastic with heavy cardboard and still couldn’t kill it…ugh!!
          And you are right cleaning out the garbage is wonderful 🙂

          • RoufusD says:

            One thing that’s worked for me is cardboard. I’ll flatten a box and stick it wherever I don’t want something to grow (usually bermuda grass). Because it’s several layers thick, it usually works.

            • JD in NY says:

              RoufusD yep already did that. Several layers of fridge and stove cardboard with large sections of plastic on top held down by big rocks for 6 months thinking I killed everything……nope 1 month later back! Nothing seems to kill this cr*p. It’s either do raised beds or just completely give up on gardening as I am just getting to depressed and frustrated to continue on this road.

              • Izzy says:

                JD in NY; Most people don’t like using poison and neither do I, but I finally had to to get rid of an insidious vine that would NOT go away. I sprayed my whole yard with Tordon. I pulled out the dead stuff, then scored the ground and sprayed again. No more vines or weeds. Tordon is more powerful that Round Up. I did this in the early fall and was able to have a garden the next spring.

                • JDinNY says:

                  The problem with that is my garden is located right next to my well and I worry about water contamination. I heard round up stays in your ground for awhile do all of the weed killers do? Anybody know?

                  • Izzy says:

                    Jd in NY; How close is close? Uphill or downward from garden? The time to use any weed control is when the ground is dry and no rain in the forecast for at least 5 days or more. And yes, most weed killers will stay on/in ground for awhile.

                    • JD in NY says:

                      about 50ft on even ground. Unfortunately we have been getting a lot of rain lately so dry ground right now is a no go LOL

          • Prepared Grammy says:

            I feel your pain. Last fall we planted turnips. Lots of turnips in the ENTIRE garden. We picked some, but basically left them, and it made a huge difference. The weeds were much better this year. It’s worth a try.

            • Moe says:

              Did the turnips just compost into the ground? I think I will try this. Thanks.

            • JDinNY says:

              Grammy what type of turnips, I mean is there a special kind or is it the everyday turnip? How did this help with the weeds? Crowd them out? Never heard of this so I’m picking your brain lol

  29. Thomas R. Violante says:

    I’d like to learn how to change out the mag well on a PC9. Is it on YouTube?

  30. Jean says:

    Didn’t get to do a lot this week due to a busy (and stressful) week at work and a bout of poison oak. Covered arms and legs, but no gloves. I used my weed eater to rid my fence of the poison oak creeping over from neighbors yard. I would have dodged the bullet if I just kept the weed eater pointed to the ground. Broke out on neck area, hand and couple spots on forehead. Ended up having to get a shot followed by steroid packet to get rid of stuff. Today, everything left behind was sprayed with Round-up. Better dead than red.

  31. Mustang says:

    Plodding along smartly this past week, Taking care of daily business, but got to the range for a little paper target practice with the HK. Also, recieved the 1000 rds Federal 9MM, 124 Gr, and George Orwell’s “1984”. Haven’t read it for many years, but thought it might be interesting to go through again,

    Pulled down the 43′ vertical today. Just didn’t work out as well as hoped since I was unable to install a grood ground plane. The trees crowded it out and caused too much attenuation anyway. The G5RV I installed is overgrown by tree branches as well and is operating poorly, so I installed another in an inverted V configuration. So far it works great for NVIS on 40 and 80 meters. Once I lay some ground radials below it I should see some improvement. Love the NVIS….low ambient noise level and grea signal strenth out to 800 miles on 80M!

  32. Always Forward says:

    I’m wondering if the poster above was thinking of the Tattler reusable canning lids? I will go back and add that to the reply section. But we did NOT know the Ball lids are only good for 18 months. Did they post that somewhere? That is rather horrifying. The shower is finally getting retiled next Monday. We replaced a rotten fence post by the front door. We started the process of emptying the kitchen cupboards and cleaning them out and running all the plates etc. through the dishwasher and reversing the order. All decorator and bed pillow covers also delicate washed and air dried. We are starting the big fall cleanup a bit early. Lots of family birthdays in July and August so lots of useful things are exchanged. We are done with fluff unless it is something small and fun. The times are just too serious for wasting money. More book sorting and donating. Buying food from Emergency Essentials et al., when there are good sales. Slowly increasing essential oils. Zero sickness for us this past year and we feel good health is prep No. 1. We canned a big batch of vegetable beef soup and froze quite a few blueberries, peaches and corn.
    Prayers for The Pack, our president and our country daily and that whatever is intended for evil will be used for good.

    • Mustang says:

      Never heard the covers go bad. I suppose the rubber gasket material will dry out over time, especially if not properly stored. I’ve use my stock of covers with no issues and many are over five years old. Just keep replacing and using the oldest first!

  33. Always Forward says:

    Hum, reply to Troy’s post about suggesting Tattler reusable lids and rings did not post. Hope he sees this.

  34. Billy T says:

    I hope I don’t come across as some kind of sourpuss, but I don’t really care who is first to post on this site!
    I acquired a few expired EpiPen’s for the emergency medical chest. Tests show these are 80+% effective long past expiration dates. In addition to counteracting the effects of allergic reactions, I believe they would help significantly in the event of exposure to poison gas. Atropine is the drug of choice, but it basically slows metabolism until the effects of the gas pass or partially pass. Ephedrine does basically the same thing.
    I also acquired additional protein powder. Two of the toughest dietary challenges post-teotwawki are fats and proteins. Hi quality protein powder has a longer than expected shelf life, so I believe protein powder could be a valuable dietary addition.

    Also got another good high carbon steel sheath knife. Can’t have too many knives or too much ammo!

    • Izzy Crabtree says:

      Billy; Yes, Epi pens are good for longer than what the due date says. But, if the fluid inside turns even slightly yellow, it is no longer viable.

  35. MasterSergeant USAF says:

    Acquired another pair of IBC totes to add another 660 gallons to my rain catchment system; filled a plastic container with recycled reading glasses for bartering; found an entire set of Encyclopedia that I stowed in the garage; Wally world was clearing out their garden center so I bought 3000 pounds of sand for $60 for (insert logic here); re-watching “The Walking Dead” from season 1 and taking notes; looking for a hammerless revolver for the DW and another one for my ankle…Kimber? Bought a Shelter Logic Garage in 12′ x 20′ to store my second vehicle and freed up space in my steel garage to work on projects. DW bought a 2013 Ford Escape with only 3,900 miles (that’s right, three thousand and nine hundred) on it so I am building two Get Home Bags for it; trying to figure out the best way to weld a splitting wedge onto my 20 ton shop press to make it into a manual wood-splitter; and last of all, meeting with a counselor at the local college to figure out how to exhaust the last 22 months of my G.I. Bill educational benefits…sugesstions? HVAC, Plumbing, Building Construction, Welding, Electrical? Am already an aircraft engineer but I like working with my hands and not sitting at a desk.

  36. MasterSergeantUASF says:

    Goodwill is not a Good deal. They receive for free and mark up clothing sometime twice as high as newly purchased. At least in California.

    • MaineBrain says:

      Goodwill is about the only game in town in my neck o’ the woods, except for consignment stores ($$) and the charity give-away shops, which I refuse to patronize because poor people need those clothes and I can afford to pay. I get all my jeans at GW for $7 to $8 per pair – at least $14 new at the Marts – and have found some nice blazers, coats, sweaters etc., along with some prepper supplies (candles, a rack for cooking over a wood flame, etc.). YMMV. That said — EVERY GW store has the same smell, ugh.

      • Sarah Querry says:

        Hello from hot Seattle afternoon I love to. Shop at the Goodwell on Wednesday because I get old people discounts ! I look for kerosene lamps and camping stuff like cast -iron and some books !🧒

  37. Sarah Querry says:

    Hello from Seattle I go to the Goodwell on Wednesday because I get old people discount ! I bought a number a number of “ kerosene lamps “ cast iron cheap ! And my 2nd place I shop is “ Craigslist the free list

  38. Bee Liberty says:

    Here’s what I did to prep this week!
    Bought some: Silver coins, fire escape masks for my family, one of those super atomic flashlights, some advanced first aid supplies, ceramic filters for my water purifier, canned goods, extra bleach and vinegar!
    Got a list, I make purchases as I can. Very worried about economic collapse.
    Really hate hearing the divisive comments about Dems; I thought this site was different. I thought MD Creekmore was different. I thought I was gonna find survival and prepper information for all of us, without the vitriol directed at other Americans.
    United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Kenshat says:

      Like. The day after the election, I marched down to town hall and changed my voting registration from R to D. Grew up a D with D parents, changed to R to vote for a friend who was running in a primary. After the 2016 election, I decided, if this is the best you Rs have to offer, I’m done. He’s a misogynist, pussy grabbing, racist, egomaniacal, narcissistic psychopath grifter. Who in hell loses money on a casino??? Only someone dumb. Which is what he calls everyone who is black that he disagrees with. Worst president in history. I’m probably going to get banned from this website for speaking my mind, and I expect all of you will hate on me, but seriously, how can you support this bozo?? He’s an intellectually deficient moron and he honestly doesn’t care a whit for you, he’s all about himself, and if you don’t believe that, just wait until all his tariffs hit your paycheck. They’re already starting to hit here on seafood.

    • Izzy says:

      Bee Liberty; With all due respect, since President Trump was elected, the dems have done nothing, but excoriate him and anyone who voted for him. Plus criticizing the first lady to the point of ridiculousness.

      As for M.D. being different? Different how? He is a pretty normal guy with a LOT of prepper experience…literally. There is a TON of information on this site. All you have to do is look for it….or ask. There are a lot of articles that have been archived as well.

      “Vitriol directed at other Americans”? Where? You mean someone with a conservative mindset? Their ‘opinions/comments? Stick around linger than one post. You will find most here are pretty helpful.

      • Bee Liberty says:

        As I said, I thought I could come to this site for information about prepping, rather than more hatred directed at Democratic voting Americans.
        “and that the Democrats and powers that be would cheat to win.”
        See what I mean?
        Keep your political opinions to yourself, and stick to prepping, survival, etc. No one cheated anything, he’s projecting his political bias onto the next election; he wants to say ahead of time that if Republicans lose, it’s not because a majority of Americans legitimately voted for the Democrats, it’s because the Dems cheated. See?

  39. Acre1 says:

    I must be crazy, but cut half cord of wood today (93 degrees) and then cooled off by puttying some drywall on 1200 square ft house DW and I are building. Garden has few tomatoes and peppers left, but fried pretty fast here in florida. All the best

  40. Izzy says:

    JD in NY; You are far enough away at 50 feet. It takes a lot of poison to leach that far and you shouldn’t need that much. At seasons end, I would till the ground and spray it, let set a few days, then repeat process. I know, a lot of work, but if you get the roots, it is worth it.

    Another thought came to mind. Actually a memory. My dad use to spray diesel fuel where he didn’t want weeds growing. It kept weeds at bay, but didn’t harm the grass or my small garden. As I recall he used a large pump spray canister type of thing.

  41. JD in NY says:

    Izzy should I perhaps cut everything down as short as possible rake it up, spray it, wait a couple of day, turn it over and spray again…..then rinse and repeat? JK on the rinse and repeat