What Will Your Local Police Do After The SHTF?

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This is a question that all preppers should ask themselves and should prepare for. What will your local police do after a long-term SHTF grid-down situation? What will you do when they come for your supplies and gear?

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  2. In a long term SHTF situation… all your money is gone.. it will not come back.. your job is gone. all you will have is what you have put back for a rainy day. NOW, here comes a person or group that says they can take what you have for their group and leave you and yours to do without… very simple to see what you options are.

  3. Hi MD,
    Some time ago in a comment I left, I said my biggest fear was the ability to keep the homestead secure…coming across the property is one thing but if they, whoever the intruders are want in the house eventually they will get in. The police are no different. They may fall back on the badge for a while but as the weeks become months and into a year or more, their own survival with be first on their minds. It’s easy enough to expect they will become their own “band of brothers” and possibly get their own community together, as in their families. Most of them get married and have 2,3,4 and even more kids and they will do what they must to provide. Even a small town force of 10 would easily become 40 mouths to feed. That’s a lot.

    Now, like you, I am not anti police. I fully respect them for doing the dangerous job of protecting our community. But when the SHTF… watch out… the longer we are in that situation the more apt it will become WROL. They will make their own.
    On that note, you can believe that people that are not prepared for the collapse will become slaves to the self appointed law keepers… and if they don’t need the slaves don’t expect them to keep them around. They will not be any kinder than the government.
    Many of us talk the talk of I’ll defend my place and die doing so…. how true do you think that those saying that will walk that walk?
    At my age and physical health, they won’t keep me around even if I did give it all to them. Oh they may do so for a while since I am a chef and know how to make something from nothing… but when the usefulness runs out… bang!
    I’m gonna stand my ground.
    I may be paranoid to some… but I don’t believe I am… and I would bet that BIG BROTHER has eyes on all the prepper sites and keeping track of them… we will be seeing BB when it all goes down… we will have the goods and we are the threat.

  4. your local mayor & company are no more SHTF prepared than the other sheeple >>> difference being their enabled “powers” – slam the gavel on an “emergency powers” dictate and presto change -ooo they have yours …

    expect your local law to posse up the locals they know well and trust >>> and expect door-to-door searches & seizures – the worst your OPSEC and the more they know & see >>> the worse it’ll be for you

  5. call me paranoid but some years ago, one of the local gunshops in our town was barely 1/2 block from police dept. that really worried me just because of the shtf scenario. this gun shop of course had all types of shotguns, handguns, semi auto rifles and most likely i believe they were an dealer for machine guns. i could just see a situation where economic collapse/national disaster and the LE would just trot there little happy rear ends down to the local gun shop and take whatever they wanted. the gun shop also had all types of reloading equipment also. again call me paranoid but i could just see this happening. thankfully this gunshop eventually moved to the other side of town and now not easily accessible for LE, or at least it would take some time for them to take whatever they wanted.

  6. I have had the chance to discuss this issue with several friends who are in Law Enforcement. The consensus I gather is yes they will serve and protect to a degree. The caveat is that when the first Officer is shot “It’s Game On!”. We see the divide already in process of “Us vs Them”. This is an opinion on both sides of the issue driven by current events and a deceitful press. Will they stay on the job when the SHTF? Turn the question around. Will you be working at Home Depot so I can get plywood for my windows?

  7. Executive Orders allow the federal government to take resources during an emergency. If I can find my list I will send it to you.

  8. Executive orders
    EO #10998 places all food resources under authority of the Secretary of Agriculture.

    EO #10999 invests the Secretary of Commerce with control over all means of transportation, public and private.

    EO #11000 provides for the establishment of manpower resources at the discretion of the Secretary of Labor, with the authority to “claim” services (labor) and involuntary relocation of workers. Collateral authority for this conscription of labor is given in Title 50 app. United States Code, Section 2153 “WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENCE” under the section addressing civilian disposition entitled, “DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT OF 1950” in which is set forth that civilian personnel may be assigned work without regard to payment or reimbursement.

  9. I think you may be holding back your true thoughts, the Police will be a force to be reckoned with in a long term SHTF scenario either as enforcers for the people who attempt to claim power over everyone or as their own survival “militia” using their badges as their authority. They would be no different from the other gangs/militias that would form to act for their own self preservation, human nature dictates that I am afraid.

    People like yourselves and others will always have to be two or three steps ahead of the game to survive as the authorities will come calling very quickly if not before the SHTF.

    I do believe many prepper/survival sites are monitored with their operators and regular viewers/users flagged up as “persons of interest”.

    I am not anti-police/anti authorities but no matter if you wear a uniform or not human nature is to survive and to survive by any means possible.

  10. Some of you people may be a bit naive about the good intentions of LEO in crisis or SHTF times. As we have seen in instances like Katrina aftermath ( outright gun confiscation ) and terrorism ( Boston bomber total shutdown of comms/cell PH ) the LEO organizations are not your friends nor will they be. The more pressure they face the more they hit back and become unraveled. They will do so until they are simply overwhelmed by sheer numbers of desperate people who finally don’t care about the rule of law.

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