Here you will find articles on personal and DIY home security, including information about home alarms, unarmed self-defense, and armed self-defense and other related topics.

Secure Your Home

The Best Way to Secure Your Home

There is no doubt that our home is the place where we spend quite a bit of time. It is the place we would like to be happy, safe and enjoy the best of time with our near and dear ones. It is quite obvious that we take all the trouble to spend the best part of our time, money and effort to ensure that our home is perfect in more ways than one.

Apartment security tips

10 Tips to Secure Your Apartment for Under $30

Buying a ready-to-occupy or customized apartment is just one part of the story. There also is the need to ensure that the apartment remains in the best of the condition and also is safe and secure. It is common for most homeowners and tenants to hire professionals to take care of apartment security.

Home Security Hacks

12 DIY Home Security Hacks for Under $20

Tomwat01 Being one of the responsible property owners out there, it’s your duty to keep your residence protected as well as safe. However, it is not the fact that you will be able to do so only by investing a considerable amount of cash. There are many ways to get […]

front door security

10 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Front Door Security

If you’re really looking forward to proper home security, take adequate measures in strengthening your door frame. While most external doors are built quite sturdy, not all of them fall under this category. Also, if your door is hollow in the interior, it’ll be easy to break through even if its body is made from metal.

burglar home defense tips

The Best Way to Secure Your Home by Scott the Cop

by Scott the Cop If you are truly serious about issues of self-defense then you might be interested to know that the police are not required by law to protect you.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the police have no constitutional requirement to provide anyone protection even if that person has […]

online security tips

How Can I Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online?

Quote from “Dear Stratfor Member, We have learned that Stratfor’s website was hacked by an unauthorized party.” by Gail S – reprinted here for 2012 I have a subscription with  The firm, under the tutelage of George Friedman, does an analysis of the data coming in from all over the world on political […]

Survival Retreat Security in Low Light Situations

Survival Retreat Security in Low Light Situations

by SurvivorDan While the grid is up or generators are running, I suggest layers of lighting. Security lights (check these out at around the residence are the norm. They should be aimed out and be annoyingly blindingly bright. I have two sets on separate circuits so if one set […]

What Is The Best Home Defense Weapon That Isn’t A Gun?

  Open-ended questions like these are often answered using personal experience or second-hand chatter. What is often ignored are the actual studies and verified results coming from these studies. For instance in the United States did you know that while Bear Spray (somewhat more elevated approach to pepper spray) works […]

How to Make Your Rural Home Safe From Intruders

by Patrick F Alarms are usually one of two types, audio, or visual, although some can be a combination of the two. Alarms are also a great resource if used effectively and acted upon when triggered. They allow an extra layer of protection/defense especially if one is short of personnel. […]