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What You Need to Know About Storing and Disposing of Medications

What You Need to Know About Storing and Disposing of Medications

by CB There are some basic principles that need to be taken into consideration when saving medication, which includes the expiration date, storage conditions, and what type of medication you are attempting to store.  The easiest way to get extra medication would be to start refilling your medications five days early from the pharmacy.  This will give you a small amount that will slowly increase over time.  Alternatively, you could get samples from the doctor’s office...

Fitness Training

Survival of The Fittest – Prepper Fitness Training

by Albert S This month a relative of mine threw his back out very badly. He was bedridden and unable to function physically in any meaningful way. Cook his own meals? No. Get to the bathroom without assistance? No. Do survival tasks like chop firewood, plant a garden, or tend chickens? No, no, and no! This 30-something man, husband, and father of two young girls was unable to work at his white-collar managerial office job....


Vintage Army Advice on the Importance of Staying Fit (Applies To Everyone… Even You!)

Editor’s note: The following excerpt was included in FM 21-13, an Army field manual published in 1952. Staying in as good of physical condition as possible is important for everyone (even you) and this article gives some good tips on why and how you can do that. FM 21-13 THE SOLDIER’S GUIDE Section VI. PHYSICAL TRAINING Military leaders have always recognized that soldiers do a much better job if they are in good physical condition....

Prepper's first aid and medical checklist

Prepper’s First Aid and Medical Checklist

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, diagnosis or suggest treatment for any sickness or disease. All information in this article is for informational purposes only. Please seek out a competent medical care professional for any injury, sickness, or disease that you might have. Now that the legal disclaimer is out-of-the-way, let us get started with some general info and advice on the types of injuries you can expect, and with...

Honeysuckle and goats... goats love it!

Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know About Honeysuckle Medicinal Benefits

The honeysuckle bushes are good for a whole lot more than making a sweet-smelling wildflower bouquet. Not only are most varieties of honeysuckle edible, the boast copious amounts of medicinal benefits as well. The common and highly invasive vine has been used by herbalist and in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat minor to serious illnesses.

where there is no doctor

Where There is No Doctor a Village Health Care Book: Weekly product review

Some reviews are simple to write, some are difficult. This is one of the simple ones, firstly I need to tell you that I purchased this book with the intention of adding to my library of medical knowledge. I did not receive it for free or in exchange for anything. Some purchases can be seen through hindsight with eyes tinged with regret. This is one of those purchases. I purchased this book on Amazon for...

taking care of sick

Taking Care of Those You Love in An Emergency

By Denise H In an effort to not repeat articles that have already been written, I had held back on sending in anything. “The Pack” is so large and with so many backgrounds, I wondered what I could say that would be of benefit to the community we have become. Then, I realized that because of the expanse of our experiences, some of us have “holes in our preps” of knowledge, that others do not...

how to fall asleep fast

How To Cure Insomnia Sleep Better At Night Naturally

by Denise H Consider “sleep” …What is sleep? What good is it? Why is it important? How can I help myself to get adequate amounts? Am I doing the things for me to get the restorative rest I require? Are there relatively safe things I can do, to assist when I have a wakeful night? What am I doing to sabotage healthy sleep habits? These are the things I have been struggling with for some time....

Survival MD Book Review – Your Key To Survival after TEOTWAWKI

Survival MD Book Review – Your Key To Survival after TEOTWAWKI

This is one of the newest “prepper informational type products” that I’ve been seeing advertised all over prepper blogs and websites, but as we all know just because a product is being promoted heavily doesn’t mean that it’s any good. What exactly is Survival MD. you ask, well it’s a downloadable eBook (I also ordered a physical paper copy as I do with any of these products when it’s an available option) with 206 pages...

Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest (Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest)

Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions, Et Al: weekly product review

Books are among the most important tools that I can invest in when it comes to my children and the future through them. Specifically, literature that allows them to be better prepared where they live and outside these areas as well. One of the most important books I have in my extensive collection is, Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions. Additional works from this author include but are not limited too, Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest by Charles W. Kane as well as several others.