prepper food storage checklist

What Foods Should A Prepper Store?

When it comes to storing enough food to survive, unassisted and on your own for three to six months or a full year or maybe even longer is the point where most new preppers get overwhelmed and some give up altogether. And while I agree that storing and rotating such […]

heating your home during a power outage

How To Stay Warm During a Power Outage

Let’s face it, heating your home during a long-term power outage is probably one of the biggest challenges that a homeowner facing the cold winter has to overcome. You have to keep your body temperature in the normal range i.e. above 95 F (35 C) or hypothermia will start to […]

Small Ecuadorian Farm

Small Acreage Homesteading Guide

Face reality, unless you are super rich putting back more than six months to a one-year food supply, isn’t practical, and even if you have the cash to spend, finding room for storage and the constant dating and rotating become the next obstacle, and this can get quickly become unmanageable. […]

Prepper's first aid and medical checklist

Prepper’s First Aid and Medical Checklist

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, diagnosis or suggest treatment for any sickness or disease. All information in this article is for informational purposes only. Please seek out a competent medical care professional for any injury, sickness, or disease that you might have. Now that […]


Water For Survival [the essential guide for preppers]

Without the threat of severe weather or the need for immediate emergency medical care, potable water will be your first concern following any type of disaster. I always advise my consulting clients to strive for at least three independent sources of water for cooking and drinking. For example, stored water, […]