solar charger review

Hiluckey Solar Charger Review

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solar charger review

Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. As with the large majority of products I review, I have not received this product or any compensation. There may be affiliate links in the material that utilize Amazon as a platform. However, unlike other blogs, we follow the laws here, even if the laws are intrusive.

Additionally due to recent comments and emails received, I want to remind everyone that the vast majority of products on the market today are not made in one country alone.

When it comes to GPS, communications, national weather service radio, electronic reading devices and more having extra power and or the ability to charge using the sun is an essential prep. Over the years I have tested and used several different battery backup systems.

All of them have worked, but some have worked far better than others. The Hiluckey 10000mAh Solar Charger has worked very well. Sadly, Elon Musk does not have an easily affordable version yet!

This charger/ battery pack comes with extra features that are fun but ultimately not why I purchased the unit. For your benefit, the extra features are as follows, 2 LED flashlight diodes with 3 modes (Bright/ SOS/ strobe), small compass (it works though I wouldn’t rely on it), and a solid well made silicone rubber case that protects it from shocks and dust and splash damage.

The best features are the addition of a new generation solar panel for charging and a well made 10000mAh battery with an IC chip for easy battery evaluation and limiting to prevent overcharging and promote the best charging depending on the drain.

With indirect (cloudy days/winter) sunlight in Arizona, the unit charged from 25% all the way through 100% within 6 hrs. On a nice clear day with direct sunlight in early spring, it easily charged through 100% within 4 hrs. Again this was in Arizona, the important thing to recognize is that Arizona is at a nearly perfect latitude for the use of solar energy.

We have in fact one of the best overall climates for the use of solar year round with an average of 270 days a year of sun and easily over 175 days annually with full sun. This unit would work well in most areas across the United States and while it may take an extra day to recharge on just the sun alone in less sunny areas, its ability to hold a charge for over a month makes it an easy addition to my pack.

Its storage capacity maintains 100% for over 3 weeks and for myself did not drop below 4 lights for well over 4 weeks.

For the various natural disaster seasons across the United States I would suggest having one or more of these on standby, with a quick check and top off every month or so you should have the power you need when you need it.

solar charger review

For instance, if you live along the East Coast or on Islands across the Atlantic and or Pacific rim having additional chargers for your electronic needs can mean the difference in a Hurricane, Typhoon, or severe tropical storm.

For those of us in flood, fire or tornado areas having additional power for our small electronics could make it easier for help to get here. At an average of $22 apiece, these are worth every penny invested and will quickly repay the money spent after the first camping expedition you take with your children or grandchildren.

When it comes to batteries for GPS, modern cell phones, electronic books and many other small items the standard is between 1000 and 3000mAh in size. This means that the backup battery which weighs just slightly more than an Amazon Kindle Fire or the same as a modern cell phone or GPS unit will charge most of those units several times over before needing to be recharged itself.

It is my suggestion that you setup check-in times as standards for immediate and extended family members and friends; in the times between check-in and use simply power the units down to conserve energy. You will find that most modern batteries will easily hold their charge for up too 2 weeks when this approach is used.

So in review, what are the pros of the Hiluckey 10000mAh Solar Charger?

  1. 10000mAh battery size allows for multiple charging events for most modern small electronics.
  2. It is a small size in comparison to many other units for the ability it has, this makes it easy to store and efficient.
  3. The solar panel is a newer generation and works very well allowing for multiple options from plugging it in through using the sun when available.
  4. Solid construction with shock-resistant silicone armor and dust cover help keep it dust free and resistant to splash damage. (I put it in an industrial grade zip-lock bag for full water protection)
  5. Lights are very bright and work very well, strobe is a great setting and is the last click allowing an easy one-touch on approach.
  6. Compass works, while I do not rely on small compasses like this, having them and knowing how to use them really do benefit your kit.
  7. Pricing is reasonable for the quality of the product you are getting, $20-25 will get this shipped right to you. Two of them are less or the same as most other units being currently advertised with similar attributes.

At this time I have not found any real cons to owning this unit. I understand that many of you probably have similar setups, I would suggest that the added benefit of a working solar panel and modern IC chip for better control makes it an invaluable addition. As with all my reviews, it is important to remember that my goal is not to sell it but rather just show you if it works or does not.

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