This Week on The Homestead: Homesteading Progress and Preps For The Week / June 16, 2018

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Hello everyone. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received a number of emails from readers letting me know how broke that they are and how that they could not afford to buy any preps, or homestead, however, the strange thing was that when I emailed back asking what they were doing to try and earn some extra money the conversations went silent.

Folks, complaining about being broke isn’t going to help you. As far as I know, complaining isn’t a marketable skill and no one is hiring for it. So stop complaining and get off your butts and do something to earn more money if you need it.

I’ve been broke and I’ve even been homeless, however, I did not just give up, nor did I expect anyone to give me anything. Instead, I got up and hustled. I planned, I worked and I failed a lot, but I kept at it and I finally started earning a living as a handyman.

And you know what… the more jobs I got, the more satisfied customers that I had, which led to repeat business with those customers and also to those customers letting their family and friends know about me and my work which led to even more customers…

And then about 12-years ago I decided to start a blog.

At that time I didn’t know anything about blogging or doing anything online other than a google search. But I had always wanted to publish a print newsletter and a blog is a modern version of that so I moved forward. And after doing a lot of studying, and planning I started my first blog.

I spent hours every day working to add content and to get everything just right. Somedays I’d work 16 hours a day just on my blog and you know what… nothing happened. No one was reading, no one was commenting… nothing.

But I didn’t give up because I have knowledge that I wanted to share with others. I wanted to teach and help others so I kept at it and after a few months and hundreds of hours of work, I started to see my pageviews trickle upwards.

So I kept working, and the page views started to grow along with my subscriber numbers by which 10 or more every day, and it just kept going. It was slow, very slow but as long as those numbers kept going up, even slightly, I knew that I was doing something right, so I kept doing it.

And then after several years and thousands of hours working on my blog for free, I started earning a few dollars a month from it. If I remember correctly my first month as an affiliate I earned just over $1.50.

Keep in mind that this $1.50 was after several years of blogging and having several hundred subscribers at that time. But I kept at it and each month my page views and subscriber numbers increased as did my earnings to the point where I was able to stop working as a handyman and start blogging full-time.

Anyways, the point is that instead of complaining while doing nothing isn’t going to work. You need to figure out how to earn more while spending less on stuff that you don’t really need.

I’ve written several articles recently on doing both… but just reading those articles isn’t going to help you… you have to actually do something.

I’ll link to a few of those articles below:

I even have a free blogging course – yes, it’s truly free, with no strings attached – just click on this link to get started.

Okay, now what about my homesteading and preps for the week.

This week, I put in another raised garden bed, set up a 55-gallon barrel to catch rainwater runoff, that I’ll use to water my garden. Planted more peppers and tomatoes.

And ordered one of these that I’ll pull behind my UTV.

Oh yeah, I only have a limited supply of the super awesome Bulletproof Survivor CD left so order now if you want a copy.

And don’t forget to check out my T-shirts and book.

Please, let me know which of my T-shirt designs that you like the best as well as the one that you dislike the most.

Well, folks, that’s it for me… what about you?