ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

LifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms: Weekly Product Review

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Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. I did receive this product in exchange for a review! There may be affiliate links in the material that utilize Amazon as a platform. The LifeCard® has been designed to be discreet, hidden and functional, this article will explore all of these and look at benefits and drawbacks. It is also entirely built in the United States!

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

When this firearm first came out I was both intrigued and dismayed, I saw another gimmick versus a workable tool for defense, hunting or competition. Over the past couple of years and with research and quite a bit of going back and forth I decided to accept the offer and test LifeCard® using several approaches. Being someone who carries backups for my primaries and even just in case firearms on top of that, this appeals to that niche. However, seeing as how it is a single shot in .22lr and not easily reloaded, the drawbacks are apparent instantly.

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

Upon receiving the firearm the location I do my transfers at had several people that like myself had never actually seen one of these, and of course, it made the rounds quickly. Everyone checking it out and admiring the solid construction. Let me say this up front, it is VERY solidly made especially considering what role it fits and where you will be carrying it! At 7 ounces and the size of a deck of cards, it is absolutely concealable. How does it shoot and is it worth spending money on?

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

It does not have sights, it does have a simple channel machined into the top of the barrel. This allows for rudimentary sighting or what amounts to point shooting it. As you can see in the picture it groups well, though it shoots a bit high and left. The group shown was at 10 yards and was not shot to get center of the target but rather to get a group size to show you!

group shot

To shoot it you have to unfold and lock it into place, grip the bolt firmly and the firearm with your finger off the trigger and pull the bolt out until it locks into place. Aim and squeeze until it fires. After firing, keep the muzzle pointed away from people and using your fingernails or a key or a small knife pop the empty out! Reload and fire as needed. The instruction PDF can be downloaded here, LifeCard instructions for use. It is an extremely safe firearm, it cannot fire unless fully cocked, you cannot keep it cocked while folded, and the trigger is fully covered while folded. You have to consciously cock it and then shoot, making it extremely safe. Obviously, as with all firearms follow the rules of safety.

  1. Loaded or not, keep the finger OFF the trigger!
  2. Loaded or not, ALWAYS ensure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction!

If you follow these rules you can never hurt anyone without meaning too. I know that the NRA instructors have their 3 big rules and an entire list of others. I have seen some lists of rules go pages in length. However, as with everything K.I.S.S. is essential! Keep it Simple Silly!

Like all small handguns I wanted to test it using good ammunition, I need to know it will function every time and that the round will do its job. I tested this handgun with the following ammunition,

  • CCI Stinger
  • CCI Velocitor (1400 fps)
  • CCI Segmented
  • Aguila Hypervelocity (1700 fps)
  • Aguila Interceptor (1400 fps)
  • Aguila Super Extra
  • Aguila Pistol Match
  • Remington standard
  • Winchester (333 round white box)
  • Federal Premium

All of the listed ammunitions worked, however, I chose Aguila Interceptor as my carry round in this handgun because it clocks in at 1030 fps average over 8 rounds from the short barrel; it is also a 40-grain bullet giving me more punch from a small package. Additionally, the group shown in the picture above was from the Aguila Hypervelocity round, showing that at up too 10 yards it is plenty accurate. I was easily able to put rounds inside of a 2” circle at 3-5 yards. The energy from this small round is around 94 ftlbs, which is more than adequate for a small handgun.

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer FirearmsSo why should you own this pistol? From the perspective of someone on a fixed income and with limited resources I can answer this easily. This is a pistol that easily fills multiple roles. You can use it as a last ditch or very covert defensive tool. It is NOT fast into action, it is, however, VERY easily concealed which makes it something you can get into action without notice. In addition to this, it makes a really solid hunting and trapping backup. I like having a 22lr handgun when I am hunting or trapping or harvesting meat on the farm. This really is perfect for these things. This video shows how easy it is to fire and reload the handgun.

ifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms

Now, this is not an inexpensive firearm, it averages $350. For quality, this is not a bad price, and of course, it is the last firearm anyone will want to ban so there is that benefit as well! I am a firm believer in having what I need all the time. This being said, something like this is perfect for your tackle box, pants pocket, purse or console of the car. It is the last ditch tool you never want to use but will have if you need it. If you need something that can be concealed and is well made and works well, this really is the pistol to get.

Here is a quick list of places you can order this amazing little handgun from, obviously you will need to transfer it in legally and fill out the appropriate paperwork for it.

Check with your local firearm dealer and see if they have it in stock as well. They may be able to order it for you directly or worse case you can transfer it in through them. If you have any questions please ask, and of course, also put some feedback in the comments if you have one!

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