Top Ten Ways Not To Survive TEOTWAWKI

In Prepping and Preparedness by M.D. Creekmore

1. Don’t Prepare: Many won’t prepare, putting their faith in a collapsing system – holding to the belief that someone, somewhere will fix the problem, before it gets too bad. Our “leaders” won’t let this happen after all this is America, not some third-world country, everything will work out, we’ll get back to normal, all we need is to pull the right political strings.

2. Investing In Gold, silver, diamonds, etc: These are based on perceived value, not actually need. Mainly an attempt by the wealthy to maintain their wealth after the collapse. Don’t get me wrong – Investing in gold and silver is not a bad thing, it just makes more sense to stockpile food, water-filters, first-aid supplies, ammo, etc. – these are needed items – isn’t this the reason you are investing in gold and silver, so you can barter for these items after the collapse?

3. Relying On One Food Source: This is a big mistake. What happens when your supplies are depleted, or you lose possession of those goods? Strive for at least three independent sources to fill your nutritional needs. Always have a backup plan AND ANOTHER PLAN TO BACK THAT PLAN UP.

4. Bugging Out: I’m not a fan of the head for the hills survival strategy. In most cases, your better off preparing to stay where you are. Having a grab and go bag is a good idea (click here to see what I have in my bug out bag), just don’t make bugging out your only plan or first priority. Remember; bugging out is just another word for becoming a refugee.

5.Too Many Guns: I would love to have an underground bunker overflowing with the latest weaponry, but it’s not going to happen. Nor is it necessary. You don’t need that many guns to survive. The biggest mistake made by most preppers is spending a fortune on an arsenal while neglecting their food storage and other supplies. A centerfire rifle and handgun, shotgun and a .22 rimfire rifle will cover everything you need a firearm for.

6. Gadgets: We’ve all heard the expression “he who dies with the most toys wins”, I’m still trying to figure out what the winning prize is. I have nothing against using the latest technology and gear – just don’t depend on it. Things break, get lost, stolen or don’t work as intended. Your best asset is between your ears – which brings us to my next point.

7. Lack Of Skills and Knowledge: Most books on survival and self-reliance are never read or put to use. They are bought, flipped through and put away – never tested or learned from. This is a mistake. Read the books, study and try it for yourself. This is the only way to learn and know what actually works, for you in real life.

8. Not Finding Your Own Path: Many survival authors try to force their plans and beliefs on readers. You need to find your own path – people are different with varying needs, skill levels, and backgrounds. There is no one way or course of action that will serve all purposes and individuals. Find what works best for you in your situation and plan accordingly.

9. Picking A Fight: A lot of survival types can’t wait for the collapse and eventual breakdown of law and order, they imagine one firefight after another, where they are the ultimate killing machine taking down the bad guys in a hail of gunfire.

Most won’t last long. You and your family/group are not expendable, if you go looking for a fight there will be casualty’s and there’s no guarantee they will be taken by your opponent. Don’t go looking for a fight, stay hidden and avoid confrontation.

10. Becoming A Raider: A few days ago I was at the local sporting goods store when a guy standing over the handgun display started a conversation. He seemed interesting enough, we talked about the usual; guns, ammo and gun control. Eventually, the conversation turned to world events the economy and the possibility of collapse followed by a lack of services, food shortages, and lawlessness.

To gauge his response, I suggested that we should put back some food just in case. His response was typical of the unprepared. His “plan” is to take what he needs; by force. This might work a few times but eventually, his luck will run out. Don’t plan on being a raider, prepare.

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