How to Set Up and Use Trail Cameras for Security

How to Set Up and Use Trail Cameras for Securityby Jessica W

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and do you feel fine? Are you prepared to fight for your survival, as well as the survival of your loved ones? Once we get to the ultimate end, everyone will be scrounging for household items to use to hunt, protect, and entertain their families.

However, the best of us survivalist will already have our packs ready. You may have already packed your essentials from listening to other guides on the internet or in print, but one thing these sources fail to list is a trail camera.

If you’re currently a hunter and a survivalist, you already have one of these to help catch your game, so here’s how you can transform it into an essential doomsday item.


At the first sign of the end of the world, everyone will fly to Walmart like wildebeest at the watering hole. It will be ten times as bad as people at the mall on Black Friday, and if you’ve seen any movie ever, you know that this is a bad idea. Instead of finding the food you need, you will be fighting against desperate people and may not make it back unscathed.

Therefore, a smart survivalist will have planned to store canned and packaged foods and items and tools that will facilitate hunting and sustain life. As a hunter, you know that having the best trail cameras can give you an edge over your prey.

These cameras monitor trails and animal behavior, helping you to predict when and where to catch the big game. This reduces the amount of time you need to be outdoors and can help you survive and out hunt your less-prepared neighbors.


When your neighbors see that you were more prepared than them and have a large supply of essentials, they will come and hunt you. It is important that you have a protection plan to protect you and your loved ones, as well as your food and water supply.

A trail camera can double as a security camera to watch over your house or shelter. Live-streaming trail cameras can be set up in your yard and remotely monitored in the comfort of your home or sheltered location.

Since they are designed to go undetected in a wildlife environment, they are resilient against burglars, intruders, or vandalizes who want to disable any home cameras before an attack. You will be able to see them coming before they see you, and you will be more prepared for the imminent attack.

You can set multiple-up around the perimeter of your house and have a fully rounded security system.

Every survivalist guide lists thermal imaging devices as an essential item for surviving doomsday. Your trail camera can also act as a thermal imaging camera and 360-degree night vision goggles. Protection is a 24-7 job and a trail camera with thermal imaging capabilities can prepare you during the night as well as during the early morning hours.

You can use it while you’re out hunting to see if there are any intruders behind you, and it becomes your perfect set of owl eyes.


The end of the world brings the end of many luxuries that many of us depend on for entertainment, and more importantly, to stay sane. Staying sane is extremely important during doomsday because it allows us to stay vigilant and focused during an emergency.

A trail camera can be transformed into a television to provide news as well as entertainment. You can use it to watch the people that come through your area and see how society is holding up. You may not trust them, but you can watch them and gain clues about how the outside world is doing.

You can also use it as a National Geographic channel and set it up to watch the wildlife in the area. Tracking the number and type of animals that come across your “television screen” may be fun for your children but also provide you with a sense of food supply and migration habits that may be forming in light of the apocalypse.

You can even use the trail camera to take still images of animals or people in the environment. This can be used as decoration in your home or shelter, and provide some solace from the deterioration and situation outside.

If you find yourself in a more civilized situation, with the ability of currency and a bartering system, you can even use these photos to trade at the trading post. You can trade them for other essentials you may need that your neighbors can provide for you.

Trail cameras are neglected in many survival guides but can be a handy tool for the pursuit of hunting, protection, and entertainment in a time when these items will be scarce. Many of you already have a trail camera in your home so you simply need to know what to do with it and how to prepare it and yourself for the imminent end of the world.


What kind of trail camera do you have? Have you used it for security? How did you do it and what happened?

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