The Agenda Behind The Feardemic

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This coronavirus panic is getting more and more confusing by the day at least it is for most people who are “staying home to save lives” and who are also glued to their idiot box, oh wait, I mean television and getting all of their news updates from the most trusted news networks in the country… i.e. the mainstream media. …

Greenhouse Gardening Tips – Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse Year Round

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by Crazy Joe It is in the greenhouse that seeds are started so a larger seedling/plant can go out in the spring and increasing the chances of an earlier and better crop The larger scale greenhouses with their heating units, air circulation systems, automatic water sprinklers, and temperature controls are on a scale most homeowners could not afford or just …

Buying Used Canning Equipment (Buyer Beware)

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by Vickie from Frugal Canning Although I tout the virtues of shopping at yard sales for canning equipment, it is time to give some words of caution. Know what you are buying! All canning equipment (check out this selection of canning equipment at was not created equal. Hot water bath canners are fairly simple to examine. Hot water bath canners …

How to Get Free Food When You Don’t Have Much Money

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Being the Frugal Fraulein that I am, the word free gives me tingles. This is my favorite time of year. The gardens are calling to be harvested, the trees are laden with fruit, the fish are moving up the streams and the deer and elk are fattening up in orchards and berry thickets.

What Should I Put In My Child's Bug Out Bag?

Quick Tips For Planning an Effective Family Bug Out

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by Anonymous   If you are a family leader, you must plan for the entire family also.   I recommend a grab bag for each person who is old enough to carry and hang onto one…and a separate medical pack for the entire group (here is a great kit on Besides a separate well-stocked medical kit, each pack should …

fixed blade survival knives

Fixed Blade and Folding Survival Knives (Selection and Care)

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Any Prepper, Survivalist, Hunter, Camper or Outdoor Enthusiast should have a good knife and know how to use it.  A good survival knife is the single most important piece of equipment you will ever have or use.  With it, you can procure fire and food, and create shelter and other structures.   

Sea Salt – An Indispensable Commodity for Uncertain Times

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Guest Post by Roxanne L. Griswold When we think about setting aside emergency supplies, most of us would agree that preserved food and purified water are the essentials and everything else is secondary to these. Some might even choose to incorporate things like a manual grain mill, a water purifier, a food dehydrator, a solar cookstove and so on. But who would …

Survival Through A Home Business

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We survivalists AKA preppers spend a lot of time worrying about a national or worldwide collapse scenario, giving little thought to collapse on an individual level. The fact is many things can happen to send your life into turmoil creating a personal collapse. You can be laid off from your job or fired. Your employer could move or company close. You could …

Where I Live as A Survival Retreat Location

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Yesterday, a reader dropped an email asking specifics about my retreat location. I’ll admit being caught off guard by such a sensitive question. However; I don’t think the sender has evil intentions only curiosity. Maybe he was looking for an example to compare his situation – I don’t know. To be honest, I didn’t know what to think at first, …

What Are The Benefits of Doing 50 Squats a Day?

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It is no more a secret, that to stay healthy and fit there is no better option than exercising well and daily. A fifteen-minute to half an hour session of exercise can do wonders for your health and overall wellness. Well, to begin with, you must know that about 90 percent of health disorders are caused due to our lazy …