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Saturday Prep: Canned Fruit and DVD’s

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As you know I’ve been writing (and making YouTube videos) about prepping and prepping related subjects for years, about 14 years to be exact and during that time I’ve seen a lot of changes. The most recent major change was right after Donald Trump became president. After the election, there was a huge drop in the number of people who …

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Judo Techniques for Beginners: Judo and Self-Defense from 1964

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This is from an issue of Popular Science magazine from 1962 and it’s a real classic. I love watching combat sports like the UFC, kickboxing, and Muay Thai but reading articles like this one brings back memories of when I was a teenager and studying Shotokan Karate under a then local instructor. In our time mixed martial arts and mixed martial …

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My Predictions for Civil War in 2020

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As you’ve probably noticed I’ve slowed way down on the number of videos I’ve been uploading to youtube. For me, YouTube has been a lot of work and time invested for very little return. I’ve been on it for almost one-full year and uploaded over 100-videos and earned just over $500 in ad revenue… however, I spent more than that …

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Do Ramen Noodles Expire? (What You Need To Know!)

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The packaging of the instant Ramen noodles encourages consumers to believe that the food is similar to survival food storage. Survival food storage is packaged in a way so that the food can last up to a decade or even more. Survival food that lasts more than a decade is usually wrapped in air-tight sealed plastic similar to instant Ramen noodles. The same packaging does have different expiration dates.