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solar charger review

Hiluckey Solar Charger Review

Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. As with the large majority of products I review, I have not received this product or any compensation. There may be affiliate links in the material that utilize Amazon as a platform. However, unlike other blogs, we follow the laws here, even if the laws are intrusive. Additionally due to recent comments and emails received, I want to...

can opener pic

P-38 or P-51 Can Opener Review

Not everything made for the military is truly well made. In many cases what is made for the military, regardless of nation of origin, often is low-end and fits into a rather loose set of restrictions guiding its building. This is the case with the amazing folding can opener known as the P-38 and P-51.  The P-38 can opener was designed for soldiers in 1942, it filled the need for a can opener for the C...

PSA premium bolt carrier group: weekly product review

For legal purposes, I did not receive any of the mentioned products for a reduced cost or in exchange for a review of any kind. I purchased all of the above with my own funds and review them for your benefit alone! Palmetto State Armory is definitely a well-known name, gun snobs hate them and gun users love them. For close to a decade they have been selling AR15 parts and builds for prices that are...

lantern for emp

Review: Alive After the Fall™ by Alexander Cain

Electromagnetic Pulse’s have been apart of the subculture of doomsday prepping since the 1970’s. The specter of ultimate doom causing humans to revert to their pre-industrialized days scares many of us. There have been dozens of books written by professionals regarding a man-made EMP or natural similar event occurring. Alive After the Fall™ was written approximately two years ago by Alexander Cain, which is the pen name for someone who supposedly has a Doctorate in Theology...

Review: Slime Self-Sealing Tube for Bicycles

Here in Arizona, we enjoy bicycling, we also enjoy one of the densest populations of spiny flora on the planet. This combination is absolutely terrible for bicycle tubes. This is a review of one product I have found for my bicycle that works quite well and allows us to maintain pressure even when we encounter the inevitable patch of cacti or mesquite laying across a pathway. As with most of my reviews this product was...

lantern for emp

Review: Darkest Days – How to Survive an EMP Attack to the Grid

Personally, I tend to avoid conspiracies and doomsday predictions, because typically they are, fear-based attempts to drive an individual or groups agenda. At no point in history has any species lived longer than it should nor has any state or collection of states lasted forever. This said I was sent a copy of the book Darkest Days: how to survive an EMP attack to the grid (Link goes to recently, my review of this book...

where there is no doctor

Where There is No Doctor a Village Health Care Book: Weekly product review

Some reviews are simple to write, some are difficult. This is one of the simple ones, firstly I need to tell you that I purchased this book with the intention of adding to my library of medical knowledge. I did not receive it for free or in exchange for anything. Some purchases can be seen through hindsight with eyes tinged with regret. This is one of those purchases. I purchased this book on Amazon for...

Kephart by Condor Knife and Tool Review

It should be common knowledge by now, I have a serious steel addiction. My dad has built knives for most of my life, I also built a few and own several dozen at any given moment. When it comes to useful tools I am a firm believer in having a good knife around always! The Kephart by Condor Knife & Tool is one of my personal favorites when it comes to daily use. Originally it was designed by Horace Kephart author of Camping and Woodcraft one of the amazing books I own in print (and will be reviewing for you all soon).

It was during his time spent in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina that he wrote Camping and Woodcraft and designed the Kephart blade. Around 3 years ago I read an article on this particular blade type and being an avid collector and user of good steel, decided to do some searching for one. Now it should be noted that I firmly believe in the value of a good blade, specifically the Morakniv line of knives. However, I am always looking for other blades that may fit different or similar roles and the Kephart is a blade that can do that!

Heritage Rough Rider .22lr pistol

Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR Revolver Review

Everyone needs a .22lr firearm. Specifically, one that is accurate and reliable, the Heritage Rough Rider is an accurate, reliable handgun! Now before we get any further, the Heritage Rough Rider is a single action handgun that comes in several varieties and barrel lengths. It will chamber the .22lr, .22 short and with a cylinder change .22wmr.

As with all single action handguns, accuracy is a matter of perspective and ability as well as understanding your individual firearm and ammunition combination. I originally purchased this handgun to have something that my son would enjoy. It is inexpensive running $136 after taxes from my local firearms dealer and easily $120-$145 depending on your location. This allowed for someone with limited funds to purchase a firearm without a large investment in the event it was not seen as a valuable addition to the family.