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Here is where you will find product reviews of gear and tools for the homestead.

solar charger review

Hiluckey Solar Charger Review

Legally I have to tell you if I have received the product or any compensation for writing this review. As with the large majority of products I review, I have not received this product or any compensation. There may be affiliate links in the material that utilize Amazon as a platform. However, […]

can opener pic

P-38 or P-51 Can Opener Review

Not everything made for the military is truly well made. In many cases what is made for the military, regardless of nation of origin, often is low-end and fits into a rather loose set of restrictions guiding its building. This is the case with the amazing folding can opener known as […]

lantern for emp

Review: Alive After the Fall™ by Alexander Cain

Electromagnetic Pulse’s have been apart of the subculture of doomsday prepping since the 1970’s. The specter of ultimate doom causing humans to revert to their pre-industrialized days scares many of us. There have been dozens of books written by professionals regarding a man-made EMP or natural similar event occurring. Alive […]

Review: Slime Self-Sealing Tube for Bicycles

Here in Arizona, we enjoy bicycling, we also enjoy one of the densest populations of spiny flora on the planet. This combination is absolutely terrible for bicycle tubes. This is a review of one product I have found for my bicycle that works quite well and allows us to maintain […]