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Kephart by Condor Knife and Tool Review

In Gear Reviews, Knives and Blades by Jesse Mathewson

It should be common knowledge by now, I have a serious steel addiction. My dad has built knives for most of my life, I also built a few and own several dozen at any given moment. When it comes to useful tools I am a firm believer in having a good knife around always! The Kephart by Condor Knife & Tool is one of my personal favorites when it comes to daily use. Originally it was designed by Horace Kephart author of Camping and Woodcraft one of the amazing books I own in print (and will be reviewing for you all soon).

It was during his time spent in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina that he wrote Camping and Woodcraft and designed the Kephart blade. Around 3 years ago I read an article on this particular blade type and being an avid collector and user of good steel, decided to do some searching for one. Now it should be noted that I firmly believe in the value of a good blade, specifically the Morakniv line of knives. However, I am always looking for other blades that may fit different or similar roles and the Kephart is a blade that can do that!

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Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR Revolver Review

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson

Everyone needs a .22lr firearm. Specifically, one that is accurate and reliable, the Heritage Rough Rider is an accurate, reliable handgun! Now before we get any further, the Heritage Rough Rider is a single action handgun that comes in several varieties and barrel lengths. It will chamber the .22lr, .22 short and with a cylinder change .22wmr.

As with all single action handguns, accuracy is a matter of perspective and ability as well as understanding your individual firearm and ammunition combination. I originally purchased this handgun to have something that my son would enjoy. It is inexpensive running $136 after taxes from my local firearms dealer and easily $120-$145 depending on your location. This allowed for someone with limited funds to purchase a firearm without a large investment in the event it was not seen as a valuable addition to the family.

A-zoom Snap Caps and Wall Anchors: weekly product review

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson

Legally I have to write a disclosure here, I PURCHASED THE Snap Caps and Wall Anchors BEING REVIEWED HERE WITH MY MONEY and did not receive anything in exchange for a review of any type… A-Zoom snap caps are an important part of anyone’s shooting supply. They run between $8-$15 for 6 or 10 on average depending on caliber. For …

EcoZoom Rocket Stove Review: Is It The Best Solution For Off-Grid Cooking?

First off would like to thank Phil from EcoZoom for sending one of their rocket stoves (a Zoom Versa) for review here on The EcoZoom rocket stove was designed by the folks at Aprovecho Research Center and is marketed by for use in developing countries as a safer and more efficient method of cooking, and they have recently expanded …

Survival MD Book Review – Your Key To Survival after TEOTWAWKI

This is one of the newest “prepper informational type products” that I’ve been seeing advertised all over prepper blogs and websites, but as we all know just because a product is being promoted heavily doesn’t mean that it’s any good. What exactly is Survival MD. you ask, well it’s a downloadable eBook (I also ordered a physical paper copy as …

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K-Tor hand crank generator (pocket socket 1 amp usb) : Weekly Product Review

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson

I can honestly say that this is one of the few products for which I have no real reservations in recommending fully to all of you!

Modern electronic devices have come quite a long way in a few decades, from filling a room to literally size of a wristwatch. This means that while we oldsters still have our books and writing implements, the reality is that not only is written information more easily available via the internet it is being replaced by it.

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Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions, Et Al: weekly product review

In Gear Reviews, Health and Fitness by Jesse Mathewson

Books are among the most important tools that I can invest in when it comes to my children and the future through them. Specifically, literature that allows them to be better prepared where they live and outside these areas as well. One of the most important books I have in my extensive collection is, Herbal Medicine: Trends and Traditions. Additional works from this author include but are not limited too, Medicinal Plants of the American Southwest by Charles W. Kane as well as several others.

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LifeCard® by TrailBlazer Firearms: Weekly Product Review

In Gear Reviews, Security by Jesse Mathewson

When this firearm first came out I was both intrigued and dismayed, I saw another gimmick versus a workable tool for defense, hunting or competition. Over the past couple of years and with research and quite a bit of going back and forth I decided to accept the offer and test LifeCard® using several approaches. Being someone who carries backups for my primaries and even just in case firearms on top of that, this appeals to that niche. However, seeing as how it is a single shot in .22lr and not easily reloaded, the drawbacks are apparent instantly.

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The Lost Ways Book Review

In Gear Reviews by Jesse Mathewson

Everyone enjoys having knowledge that others deem to be special, necessary or unique. Some of us understand that the knowledge necessary to start a fire with sticks or rocks is something most humans do not have anymore. In fact, even our military elite cannot survive without their massive supply chains and chemically stable Meals Ready to Eat. The Lost Ways is a book, that does something many other books have tried to do, but in an extremely well put together package bound together in a way most books haven’t been in decades now.

Recommended Gear – Tested and Approved!

I occasionally mention tools and prepper supplies that I use and/or recommend in my posts here and there, but this page includes an easy-to-access list of the best prepping items and what I use and recommend. I hope it’s helpful! Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, …