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What If The Collapse Never Comes?

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What if the collapse never comes? What if we spend all this time and money preparing for a collapse or disaster that never happens. Then what? We’ll have wasted our lives, time and money he says. One example given was Mel Tappan (1933–1980) – Tappan was a stable fixture of survivalist movement before his death at age 47. Did Mel waste his …

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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Becoming a Crime Victim

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by WL We live in a suburb of a large metropolitan area. Our suburb is typically considered safe. Safe enough, in fact, that I know people who leave their first-floor windows wide open at night or when they’re gone for the day. Safe enough that people go for a walk around the neighborhood and leave their home unlocked. Safe enough …

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The Top Water Filters For Your Bug Out Bag

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by David There is no shortage of products or systems to choose from, but which one’s are the best investments? I’ve been doing a lot of research into the packable water filtration systems currently on the market and I’d like to share my findings and opinions. In this post, I’d like to try to cover which products successfully filter/purify water of …

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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Without An Exterminator

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by Tia G. Growing up, I had the pleasure of never seeing a roach, except on T.V. I grew up with the assumption that only dirty people had roaches. When I moved to Texas, I found out how wrong that assumption was. Even the cleanest of homes can get infested with roaches and it doesn’t take much. My first apartment in …

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Escape and Evasion Survival Kit [aka Wilderness Survival Cache]

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Please note: I wrote this post way back in 2010 and wanted to share it here with you by re-posting. I hope that my writing ability has improved at least some since then.  I’m sure everyone reading this is familiar with the bug out bag – essentially the escape and evasion kit is based on the same concept, but with several advantages. Don’t get me wrong, …

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What’s The Most Likely SHTF Event?

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by Dave I like to read a lot of self-reliant and prepping blogs and articles, as we all likely do. Toward the beginning of my self-reliant venture, these articles and blogs were critical in my education. I am in no way an expert in this field, but I am comfortable enough that a lot of this information for me now is …

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How to Build an Emergency Shelter in The Woods

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Veteran survivalists innately understand the Rule of Threes. The Rule of Threes is as follows: humans will die after 3 minutes with no air, 3 days without water, or 3 weeks of going without food. At least, those are the most commonly known rules. One that is equally essential and that gets glossed over is the fact that people can die in three hours without shelter that thoroughly protects them of fatalities in harsh conditions.

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Real (No B.S.) Survival Lessons from Ukraine

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There are several articles explaining what people have gone through in eastern Ukraine. This article over at Daily Mail provides a good visual image of what people are going through. There’s also a thread in survivalist boards where a Dunbass resident that goes by the name of George1980 has been posting, sharing his experiences. I highly recommend reading it if you have the time. Using this information, here are twelve important lessons based on what has happened so far in Ukraine…

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What Did You Do To Prep This Week? [July, 12, 2019]

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Well, folks, it’s that time again! Last weeks segment did well with over 150 comments posted. Let’s see if we can pass 200 comments this week. But before we get started, let’s talk about the changes here, what you can expect and why. I think you’ll love the change and get more out of it. Five days a week (Monday …

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Raising Pigeons for Meat [What you need to know]

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Pigeons are a cheap source of good meat. Pigeons also produce fresh meat during the winter months when larger animals were unavailable as a food source. The frequency of breeding is dictated by the abundance of food available to the parents. The eggs take 18 or 19 days to hatch with both parents incubating the eggs.