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Safe Indoor Emergency Cooking Solutions

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by Robert H If you live or camp off the grid or plan to then you’ll need to figure out and plan how you’re going to cook off the grid. There are several ways and fuel choices and I’ll talk about those below. If you have any other suggestions or ideas then please leave those in the comments section below. Propane …

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What are The Benefits of Doing 50 Pushups Every Day?

In Health and Fitness by M.D. Creekmore

The most practical benefit of doing pushups every day is that you will gain functional strength for your body. The muscles that the pushup works – your core, your triceps and biceps along with the deltoids – are often the most used body parts each day. Functional activities such as lifting boxes, carrying objects or other activities become easier as …

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Your Gas Mask is Obsolete – Time To Step It Up To The Next Level

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Combining premium features with superior mil-spec construction, MIRA Safety’s CM-6M CBRN tactical gas mask / full-face respirator protects your face, internal organs and respiratory system against a full spectrum of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) and chemical warfare agents (CWA) including chemical, biological and nuclear threats such as radioactive dust, noxious gas, vaporized pollutants and more.

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What Happens to Nuclear Power Plants After Global Disaster?

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by Dr. Arthur T. Bradley According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, there are sixty-one active commercial nuclear plants spread across the United States. A question on the minds of many is what would happen to those plants if the nation experienced a widespread, long-lasting power outage? Let me start by saying that there is a quite a bit of misinformation …

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Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

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by Jim M With the cost of everything going up and the future uncertain, stretching your resources and re-purposing items becomes more of a necessity. I am always looking for new ways to get the “max for the minimum.” Some recent posts here reminded me of some of these things. My grandparents and parents were a young family when the …

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Book Review: The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving The End of the World as We Know It – review by Joel Skousen

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The latest book offered by M. D. Creekmore is called The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving The End of the World as We Know. This useful guide quickly and easily covers the full range of essentials in stockpiling and equipment from water, food, and tools to medicine, communications, and weapons. It’s a 176-page book that is chock full of really good …

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A Guide To Concealed Carry Reciprocity In Tennessee

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Tennessee has the ideal configuration to border numerous states. “The Volunteer State” shares borders with the following states located in the Midwest and Southeastern regions of the United States: Alabama Arkansas Georgia Kentucky Mississippi Missouri North Carolina Virginia Only one state (Missouri) touches as many states as Tennessee touches. Throw in neighboring states like Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and South Carolina …