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Camping In Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know!

(The Following is a sponsored post). by Billy Cold temperatures and shivers can be an added challenge to the already challenging and adventurous activity of camping. The winter weather conditions can make it difficult for campers and hikers to tread the path, pitch their tents, source food, etc. But, if […]

wisconsin flag - knife laws

Wisconsin Knife Laws: A Simple Cheat Sheet With All You Need To Know

Even for a legal expert trained in understanding weapon laws, Wisconsin knife laws are often difficult to understand. The primary reason for the confusion stems from the ambiguous wording of statutes that lead to protracted legal battles inside civil and criminal courts. Legislative leaders in Wisconsin have made an effort […]


Missouri Knife Laws: A Simple Cheat Sheet With All You Need To Know

As one of the leaders in preserving constitutionally guaranteed rights, the Show-Me State not only recognizes the right of residents and visitors to bear arms, but the state also preserves the rights of residents and citizens to own and bear all types of knives. The Missouri Constitution closely resembles the […]

Should a Faraday Cage Be Grounded

Should a Faraday Cage Be Grounded?

by blogRot. Yes, a Faraday cage should be properly grounded to be more effective at preventing damage to electronics as grounding provides a discharge path for EMP. I’ll cover the why and how below so read on… Electromagnetic Pulse (aka EMP) or a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from our sun […]