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What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

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What’s going on Creekmore Crew? I hope that you having a wonderful Saturday morning so far… It’s no bad here temperature-wise… right now it’s a cool 38 degrees, and supposed to be rising to a nice and sunny 54 degrees by the end of the day. Folks, it’s not long until we will be seeing spring popping and trees and …

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What Are The Benefits of Doing 50 Squats a Day?

In Health and Fitness by M.D. Creekmore5 Comments

It is no more a secret, that to stay healthy and fit there is no better option than exercising well and daily. A fifteen-minute to half an hour session of exercise can do wonders for your health and overall wellness. Well, to begin with, you must know that about 90 percent of health disorders are caused due to our lazy …

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Ten Ways To Keep Warmer This Winter

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Since I opted to turn off the electric heat this winter and use wood I have learned so much! First, it can be done. I not only have lowered my electric bill but I am getting exercise collecting, cutting, splitting and hauling in wood. It is true that there are other things that can be done to keep warm besides changing the source of your heat.

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What are The Benefits of Doing 50 Pushups Every Day?

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The most practical benefit of doing pushups every day is that you will gain functional strength for your body. The muscles that the pushup works – your core, your triceps and biceps along with the deltoids – are often the most used body parts each day. Functional activities such as lifting boxes, carrying objects or other activities become easier as …

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I’m Coming To Your House When The SHTF!

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No matter how prepared we are, supplies and space are finite. Providing for the needs of everyone showing up at our doorstep after the SHTF is impossible, but the question remains who should be turned away and what will you do if they refuse to leave? How many people could you provide for and for how long? Most of us …

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Warning for humanity: Globalists accelerating depopulation eugenics programs in response to populist uprisings in the UK, USA and around the world

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(Natural News) In response to the sweeping victory of Boris Johnson in the recent UK elections — as well as rising popular support for President Trump in the United States — globalists are now accelerating their war against humanity that’s being waged through depopulation vectors involving vaccines, chemical contaminants, engineered food shortages and other means. This doubling down on depopulation efforts is …

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Top Ten Ways Not To Survive TEOTWAWKI

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Many won’t prepare, putting their faith in a collapsing system – holding to the belief that someone, somewhere will fix the problem, before it gets too bad. Our “leaders” won’t let this happen after all this is America, not some third-world country, everything will work out, we’ll get back to normal, all we need is to pull the right political strings.

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Threats To Our Survival – What Do You Think?

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Today I’d like to try something a little different on the blog and open up a topic for some discussion. This one could cause some ‘energetic’ conversation but I’d love to do an informal poll on it anyway. What do you think is the greatest threat to our survival – and why? This can be anything from economic collapse, another …