What does don't tread on me mean today?

Don’t Tread on Me – What It Means Today [in 2019]

What Does Don’t Tread on Me Mean Today? Of the many slogans that have been socially adopted by some as a banner, and others as the new evil to kill, the line, “Don’t tread on me” is easily among the top ten over the past few years. To find out what the Don’t Tread on Me Flags Meaning today we need first take a look at where it came from, and why.

tomahawk review

Best Throwing Tomahawks [SOG Tactical Review]

by Mike I’m always on the lookout for new and better gear.  We should all be doing that, and for most of the readers of, I think that statement holds true. Today I’d like to talk about the SOG Tactical + Throwing Tomahawk. I saw it for sale on Amazon and decided to snap it up for the following reasons: The cheap hardware store hatchet I bring backpacking with me is heavy, dull and clumsy....

Radioactive nuke attack survival

U.S. Nuclear Target Map (Do You Live In a Death Zone?)

A few days ago I was doing research on nuclear war, world war 3, and potential nuclear targets and safe distances from those target sites when I came across the NUKEMAP. The U.S. nuclear target map is an interesting and unique program unlike other nuclear target maps because it lets you pick the target and what size nuclear device that the area you chose is hit with and then shows the likely effects and range...

what is the best survival knife for the money

What Are The Best Survival Knives For The Money [2019 Hands-On]

Written by – Jesse Mathewson One of the most underrated and over marketed essential components of a bug out, survival, bushcrafters kit are the knife, or in my case knives. Since the rollover in 2000 and failure to collapse of anything at that time, the prepper, survival world has blossomed as an entirely new industry. This has led to knife builders getting into designing knives for large production companies versus the plethora of smaller individual...

Ham Radio

The Complete Guide to Ham Radio for Beginners [and emergency frequencies list]

by Old Hillbilly Prepper Let me say up front that I am not a writer (as you will soon learn) and I tend to ramble on and on and on….just as I do in person! Please forgive this shortcoming as my intent is not to bore you to tears but to do my best to cover every point, large or small, that I think will be of assistance to you based on my personal experiences....

Can You Use Diesel Fuel In Kerosene Appliances

Is It Safe to Burn Diesel Fuel in a Kerosene Heater?

by Jeff in Ohio  Can You Use Diesel Fuel In a Kerosene Heater? That’s a good question and one that I will answer below… It is well-known that diesel engines are capable of using other fuels besides diesel. This includes kerosene (with added lubrication). But how well does diesel work in items designed for kerosene? Theoretically, they should be almost interchangeable. But are they? I decided to find out for myself. First, I will describe...

Best Pocket Knife for Every Day Carry

by Nicholas Oetken Swiss Army Knives are arguably one of the most underrated and overlooked knives there is. They are great for everyday carry (EDC), camping, and wilderness survival but which is the best pocket knife for 2019. One of the most important pieces of advice you can follow when putting together your everyday carry, or EDC is to not just get the right equipment but to get high-quality equipment. One of the handiest items you...

packing a bug out bag

How to Pack a Bug Out Bag

by Everyday Prepper Bug Out Bags (BOBs) have been hotly debated on the internet for some time and while I don’t expect my post on how to pack a bug out bag to put an end to the discussion I thought I would throw in my two cents for those readers out there that are just getting started. Why do we need a BOB? Let me start of by saying that if you’re searching for information...

Apartment security tips

10 Tips to Secure Your Apartment for Under $30

Buying a ready-to-occupy or customized apartment is just one part of the story. There also is the need to ensure that the apartment remains in the best of the condition and also is safe and secure. It is common for most homeowners and tenants to hire professionals to take care of apartment security.

The First 23 Things I Put In My Survival “Go Bag”

Some people might consider a bug-out bag and a 72-hour kit as essentially the same thing. For the purposes of this article, we will consider them as two separate kits. The 72-hour kit is more of a “stay at home and ride out the short-term disaster” kit, while the bug-out bag described below is more of a “grab and go” kit. The very idea of leaving the security of your home to “bug out” to...